What if I was to tell you the CQC was “one of the BEST things to happen to dentistry in the last 5 years”?

Discover why being fully CQC compliant is essential for the future of your practice. Learn why it shouldn’t give you sleepless nights, because it can actually make your business better and make YOU more money.


Now updated to take account of the new CQC inspection regime


Monday 4.15PM

From Dr Stephen Hudson BDS, , MSc, PGD Med Law, PGC Dental law & Ethics


Dear fellow dentist

When you were at Dental School nobody there warned you about the bureaucracy you would encounter in the real world. They didn’t warn you about NHS managerial visits, about COSHH and RIDDOR. They didn’t warn you about the UK being the most dentally litigious country on the planet, and they didn’t warn you about the challenges facing you when you employ staff.


Some of us would argue they didn’t even tell us how to do dentistry either. But that’s another issue.


Some dentists will not want to own a practice, because they feel that the benefits do not outweigh the risks. They see the legislation, the box ticking and the growing regulatory burden and they feel that this is not for them. They just want to turn up, do their dentistry, and go home. And who can really blame them?

Unfortunately to be an associate is a rather precarious thing at the moment, what with the rise of therapists and the gradual erosion of the associate {ff71c3037dff5beb7dd55adc1b5b127705de899bd3c2cb9535e7f1468b6f6175}. As I am sure you know, to earn the income you truly deserve, you aren’t going to do that on an associate’s wage. So you bought a dental practice, you shaped it and moulded it to fit your ideal. You hired staff and did your best to keep it clean and keep the patients happy. Then the government changed the rules.

They introduced you to the….



How dentists complained and whimpered about that. They wrote to the BDA demanding action and grumbled away on internet forums. They muttered in pubs and to their patients, but they didn’t get together to take decisive action. So the great CQC Tsunami rolled on, and dentists being dentists did one of three things:


1) They went into denial, and did the bare minimum they needed to comply

2) They got there heads down and spent a few weeks writing (what they thought were) acceptable policies and procedures, and training staff in how to protect vulnerable adults (even though they were doing that already)…… and in doing so filled up a filing cabinet with bits of paper

3) They hired a third party to come in and do most of it for them. After writing a cheque for a few thousand pounds, they had some nice folders and some “training” in how to deal with a CQC inspector.


And dentists are still moaning now. They even go online and create animated videos through which they can moan even more loudly. But what they forget is that moaning doesn’t achieve anything and eventually people get tired of hearing it (especially people who are married to the moaner).

What I am about to say may shock you. Some of you will have heard me say this before, but to others this may come as a bit of a surprise. What if I was to say that the CQC was not only inevitable, but also probably one of the best things to happen to dentistry in the last 10 years?


“Steve, have you been smoking something illegal?”


Well, no. If you are honest with yourself, you knew and know of dentists whose practices had a bit of a bad reputation. You knew and know of the dentist who kept his cheese sandwiches in the medicine fridge and who had one compressor to run 6 surgeries. You knew and know of the dental practice with the plastic bucket seats and the fish tank and the blu-tacked signs all over the wall. You’d heard about the dentist whose nurse was only allowed to change her gloves once a session, and of the dentist who buried their clinical waste somewhere on his several-acre private property to save a few pennies.

Can you imagine what would happen if the press got wind of that. They would have made mincemeat of the profession.


So why do I think the CQC is a good thing? Because they bring a level playing field to the entire profession. Everybody now has to comply with the same standards, which aren’t dependent upon which Local Commissioning area you are in. Because their regulation is backed up by the threat of criminal sanction, only a fool would try and swim against this tide and try to “wing it”. Because if you did, you would get a nasty report that threatened to close you down which everybody could see…..



But there is another reason that I think the CQC are a benefit to the profession, and I would like to thank Chris Barrow for this specific quote on the matter


“The CQC have created the best imposed training, consultancy and business efficiency programme that dentistry could ever have hoped for. It makes the best better, the middle wake up and the worst either retire, sell up or close.”


He’s right, especially with the new changes. The CQC has resulted in better trained staff, a much more patient centred approach to the business of dentistry and practices that are now much more compliant on a regulatory footing. Being CQC compliant has made my practice better. It runs smoother, the staff have more focus and medico legally we are now able to more effectively repel spurious accusations.


  • Get accused of having dodgy cross infection procedures because a smoker got a dry socket………. sorry, our last inspection showed we were meeting all the necessary standards expected by the CQC. Look, here are all our logs.
  • Get accused of inappropriate behaviour by a patient……. sorry, I was chaperoned at all times, and I have a CRB check to back that up
  • Get accused of discrimination by a prospective employee who didn’t get the job ………. sorry, here are the procedures we follow regarding employment law which have been accepted by the CQC.


Let’s be realistic here. You now practice dentistry in an environment where you have to protect yourself at every turn. But not just that, you need the visible proof that you have protected yourself.

Being CQC compliant gives you all that


download (1)

And deep down, patients want this. As the years progress, the decent patients, the ones you want, will gravitate to the practices that have the reputation to back up their promises. If you ask Sheila Scott, she will tell you the three most important things patients look for in a dental practice and which are paramount on their mind:

Firstly there is trust. The patient wants to be able to trust the dentist and staff. Because that directly ties into the second thing – they want to know that the dentist is keeping them healthy. Why else would they attend regularly? They don’t go to their doctor every 6 months. They want to come and be told, “You’re fine”. And if they aren’t they want to be told that the problem will be fixed. Of course the third issue is sterility. They want to know your practice is clean and safe for them and their children. They worry about superbugs, about SARS and HIV.

They don’t want to be at a practice that cuts corners. And you aren’t going to be able to cut corners with the CQC, because they will look in every nook and every cranny. Some inspectors will sit there and read every policy and procedure with a big smile on their face because this is what they LOVE. The CQC employs what psychologists call ?level four? people, who love the rules and regulations that come with their position (level four people live their lives based on strict rules and expect everyone else to do the same). I have it on good authority that they are changing the way the inspectors are trained – The inspectors that follow will not be easily fooled and will be more like the DRO’s of old with their specialist clinical dental knowledge base.

And if we are fair with ourselves, we are directly responsible for the need of an external regulator.


How many dental practices went out of their way to get BDA Good Practice, or Investors in People? Not really that many when you look at the figures. How many private practices were ever inspected? How many practices actually welcomed inspection?

The cowboys, the ones who were always sailing too close to the wind, tarred and feathered the lot of us and we as a profession did nothing to stop their little games.



Now when it comes to inspection, there is also something else that CQC inspectors want to see. They want to see that your policies and procedures have been written specifically for your practice. They want the information handed to them in a format that makes it easy for them to read and collate. But more importantly, they want to see that your staff know what these policies and procedures state.

They don’t want you to hand them a file of pro forma’s that your staff know nothing about


I remember on one of the dental forums a dentist saying he was going to make it as difficult as possible for the CQC to inspect him. He was going to do this, he was going to do that. Personally I thought that was the worst thing he could have done. Why draw attention to yourself. Why be the High nail?

The CQC will feel compelled to justify their presence in your practice, especially know that they have dentists involved in the inspection process. Oh yes, they are finally starting to do it as it should have been done from the start. And they will justify themselves by either knowing you are one of the “Good Guys” or by writing up a bad report so that they can be seen to protect the public.

Which experience would YOU prefer?

And what you don’t know is that initially the CQC were just as unhappy about regulating dentists as the dentists were about the CQC regulating them. They wanted nothing to do with us, because they didn’t have the experience or the manpower (imagine how they are going to struggle with GP’s). But now that they have us, they won’t be letting go any time soon – and they are starting to become really good at what they do.

Don’t think that these guys are clueless about what you do, because you will be in for a nasty surprise!

Of course, by now, you’re probably wondering what this little rant is all about. Well a few years ago, I was sat feeling very chuffed with myself. We had just had our CQC inspection and had passed with flying colours. I looked at all the time and effort I had put into getting the practice ready…………..and a thought occurred to me.

“I’ve spent all these hours, on a set of policies, procedures and systems that has been accepted by a CQC inspector……… why the hell aren’t I selling this? I’ve done all the legwork, it won’t take much to turn this into a template system that can be used by any practice” I said to myself.

So I sat down, in front of my computer and stripped out all the practice specific data from my computer files, and created one massive generic CQC compliance system, a system I called the

The A-Z of CQC compliance


So what exactly does “The A-Z of CQC Compliance” provide?

The 2 discs that you will receive through the mail contain:

  • An WORD document that goes through each of the 5 key questions, detailing the Policies, Procedures, Systems and Evidence required to have a chance of compliance – with a check list that you can tick off as you gather your evidence.
  • Over 220 Policies, Procedures, Evidence and Systems – all linked to their appropriate Key Questions and all adjustable to make them bespoke. You also get an alphabetical list to help you find where each of these are
  • Over 200 files of all the Legislation and Guidance that I could find – from agencies such as DOH, ACAS, the CQC and even the ICO

In all over 140MB of data, on two easy to use CD’s

But you know, I don’t think that’s enough. When the CQC come knocking, I think you need as much help as you can get. So, in a moment I’m going to tell you about a little bonus I’ve arranged for you.

But before I do that, I suppose you want to know how much I am asking for all this? Ok, you’ve twisted my arm. In an ideal world, the price I would ask for this CQC product, which contains everything I used to pass my CQC inspection in just under 2.5 hours, would be



Now that’s a significant investment. In fact let’s stop with the sales technique…….. that’s a lot of money. And yes I appreciate we are in a recession right now, and things are tight for many of us. So, as it’s you, here’s what I am willing to do. If you purchase The A-Z of CQC Compliance within the next 10 days, I will discount the price so that you only have to pay


That’s right, I’m giving you £300 off. So when you order in the next 10 days, you only need pay £299. That’s a one off fee, and is backed up by my 100{ff71c3037dff5beb7dd55adc1b5b127705de899bd3c2cb9535e7f1468b6f6175} money back guarantee.



If after 30 days you do not feel this product is worth what you have paid for it, just return it to me at the address provided with the purchase, and I will refund your money, no questions asked (make sure to give me your name, address and email……….that way I know who you are)



And we were talking about a Bonus…………………..

Yes, if you order in the next 10 days, not only do you get the product for half price, but you also get

  • Audit templates for record-keeping; disability discrimination; complaints; medical histories; waiting times; dry socket and patient failed attendance

  • You get free my Medical Emergency Management system

  • You get free my crib sheet on what you may be asked on your next CQC inspection

  • You get free my TMJ examination chart template

  • You get free my template for recording practice meetings

  • You get free WORD and EXCEL documents to help you comply with Information Governance

  • And finally you get templates to cover the recording of the majority of your staff training


But only if you order within the next 10 days

Now this is not a downloadable product (it is too big data-wise for that), this will be mailed to via Royal Mail. And by now you are wondering what you need to do to buy this….right?

Well there are two ways you can order it:

First of all, add this product to your shopping basket using the button directly below:




The following two points explains how to use the shopping cart

1) You can either select the Paypal payment option then click to go through the electronic process and I will ship it to you as soon as is practicable


2) You can choose to pay by Cheque by choosing the manual payment method. Click the button and you will then complete an online form. You’ll receive an email which you need to print out and post to me at the address on the form. You will need to enclose a signed cheque for £299. Once I have received your cheque, and once it has cleared my bank, I will post your purchase to you.



Simply order within the next 10 days and I’ll move heaven and earth to get this to you as quickly as possible. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon.



Dr Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, MSc