An update and my thoughts on COVID 19

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First the update

As many of you know (those who read my last blog post) I’m winding down this newsletter and the website linked to it. At the end of the year, all products on my website will be removed, so if you want them, these remaining months are your opportunity.

Just to remind you what those products are:

Medical Emergency management system to help you deal with those medical emergencies you hope will never happen –

Practice System Templates to help you manage your practice and save you money. When I owned a practice, these systems helped me keep my practice profit margin in the 60% range of gross income –

The A-Z of CQC Compliance which basically gives all the policies and procedures, as well as advice on how to pass CQC inspection –

All these come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This will be the last time I mention them.


Other news

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve pretty much given up dentistry, for now, to concentrate on writing apocalyptic horror fiction (it was either that or work for the GDC lol). If you still want to hear from me, the bulk of my newsletters will now be done from my other website at If you sign up to the newsletter there, you will get a few free books to help you through the lockdown.

There won’t be anything dental there, just my thoughts on the world.



Biased and flawed opinions follow. You have been warned.

Okay, let’s get into this. I’ve kept quiet about this (although if you are a member of my Facebook page, you will have likely seen the hopefully helpful info I’ve been posting – If you haven’t guessed, I am not a fan of the way the government have combatted this disease. I think the risk of the virus has been hyped, the government and the media using fear to keep the population from asking the right questions.

There is no denying that COVID 19 is a nasty son of a bitch, but its mortality rate has been overplayed. Basically we have firebombed the economy for a condition that has the same mortality rate as a bad flu. I know some of you will disagree with that, and I expect a few “letters to the editor”, but the severity does not warrant what has been done.

It’s an utter shambles.

From here it looks like the government panicked along with most of the western world, whilst giving ample material for conspiracy theorists to write several books. At the same time as the lockdown, we did not protect those who were actually vulnerable, causing a huge death toll in care homes and assisted living facilities.

There is a smell of the Liverpool Care Pathway scandal here.

When BJ said he wanted to shut down the economy to save the NHS, somebody should have asked how you save the NHS by bankrupting the economy. Because a 20% drop in GDP is exactly that. You, as dentists, have also been one of the hardest hit in all this, so I’ve provided a few resources below.

Challenging prohibition of private dentistry during the COVID pandemic –


Effect of Breathing Pattern on Oxygen Concentration Received From Standard Face Masks –

Preliminary Report on Surgical Mask Induced Deoxygenation During Major Surgery –

The Physiological Impact of Wearing an N95 Mask During Haemodialysis as a Precaution Against SARS in Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease –

Respiratory consequences of N95-type Mask usage in pregnant healthcare workers—a controlled clinical study –

Implications of COVID-19 for the safe management of general dental practice. A practical guide –

New estimate by CDC reduces COVID-19 death rate to just 0.26% (IFR) from WHO’s 3.4% (CFR) –

Get the GDC to waive the ARF for the foreseeable future, petition –

That’s it for today :)





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So I’ve been busy. With the help of some other dentists through Dentinal Tubules, we have sat down in the digital world and formulated a RECORD KEEPING guide for restorative dentistry.

Basically, it is what we think is required to keep your notes good enough for the lawyers and the GDC. It is not meant to be definitive, and it’s not guaranteed to protect you should the lawyers come knocking. It is also not to be seen as official guidance. It is merely to try and help keep the wolf from the door.

At the moment it is only available to the subscribers to my free newsletter via my website (my dental ethics blog is moving here and will also only be available to newsletter subscribers shortly). Unfortunately due to GDPR, if you want to remain a subscriber you need to sign back up. If you want a copy of the RECORD KEEPING guide, just sign up for the newsletter on the home page of which is run by MailChimp (you can always unsubscribe once you have downloaded it lol). Follow the instructions and a download link should be emailed to you.

Those who re-subscribe will also be told when my new book is released

In the first week of its release, it will be offered at a reduced price.  This will only be for newsletter subscribers, and the book will be available in Kindle and paperback format.

Please note the website is being revamped (that’s why it looks a bit shabby) so if it doesn’t work let me know :)


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A few things….

As you all know the new GDPR regulations will shortly be upon us.  it’s relevant to you because you are receiving this because you subscribe to my site.

Some things you need to know:

  1. The site will be changing shortly.
  2. I will never sell your data (your email address) onto a third party
  3. There are some important changes that will be coming soon that I would like to tell you about.
  4. My blog will be moving to this website, and I will be emailing out a link for you to read the blog posts when they are published

If you no longer wish to subscribe to this site, feel at ease to unsubscribe.

There will also be a purge of members as there are some Russian bots that snuck through.  If i unsubscribe you by accident please let me know




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Many of you reading this have found your passion, you do it as your job every day.  But for many of you, your job is just that, a job.  It is something you might enjoy to a degree, and it can often bring you a substantial livelihood.

But it’s not a passion.  If you won the lottery you would probably stop doing it because the WHY of doing it is the income it brings you.  Remove the need for that income and the WHY goes away.

Some of us have other passions.  Some of us are fortunate, others are still searching.  Many of us will live out our lives never really knowing what our true passion is.

But how do you know what you’re passion in life is?  This is a question that is asked countless times by people searching the answer.  My take on it is

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It is what it is

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I tend to find life will present you with a series of challenges. It is my belief that there is a cycle to life, that things happen for a reason, and that doors of opportunity are constantly opening and closing. I also think that we are here to be either an inspiration or an example, and that even our darkest times are often gifts wrapped up in impossible situation. The gift might not necessarily be for your benefit however.

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A dying empire

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Turn off the TV and open the window.  Listen carefully.  Can you hear it?  That noise, that great sucking sound is money flowing out of this country.  Now, you won’t have access to it, but I subscribe to a very useful service that shows me the capital flows between countries.  What I mean by that is it shows where the money is going.  And it is flooding out of Europe and the UK, and has been for some time.

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The spiked boot

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Many of you reading this will be doing so relaxing on a Sunday evening.  You might have the noise of family in the background, and the rain might be beating at your window.  Radio 4 might be playing in the background, and you might be enjoying a nice glass of red.  Some of you are chilled, happy with your lot.  But many of you have a deep gnawing feeling at the back of your mind.  You know who you are.

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Shine the light bright

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There is a cancer in our society that, until recently, went without comment. That cancer is a hard core of people who destroy organisations and companies through their own incompetence, and then get “moved on” to other organisations with huge payouts and fat healthy pensions. Rarely do they face sanction or, as is sometimes warranted, criminal proceedings. Because let us not kid ourselves here, their activities are often criminal, damaging and beyond the understanding of those who do not have the luxury of their mystical protection.

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Punching yourself repeatedly in the face

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Can you smell it?  Change is in the air.  Go on, open the window, and take a deep inhale.  It’s there, it’s so there you can almost taste it.  I am of course talking about the GDC.  If you have been reading their charge sheets recently, you will have noticed some pretty bizarre charges coming through….

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Who is the ENEMY?

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The contents of this newsletter are for entertainment purposes only.  This is not advice of any kind, legal or otherwise, and the author takes no responsibility for any action taken based on what is written here.

Many years ago I did a Tony Robbins course called Unleash the Power Within.  It was great fun, and many people have claimed it is life changing.  Well it might have been for them, but although I might have thought it was at the time, for me it wasn’t.

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Pitchforks, torches and rope

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If you look through history, there are episodes in civilisation where the populace rose up and overthrew the oppressor.  Sometimes the system that replaced the dictator, the emperor and the political system was superior…… sometimes it wasn’t.  Sometimes it was individuals that made the change:

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