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Hello again

Firstly sorry to those who already got this.  Server problems meant it only went to a fraction of the list.

Anyway, I couldn’t get over the irony.  There I was at a course run by DPL, and we were roll playing how to deal with unforeseen events and unhappy patients.  I was the patient, unhappy that I had an abscess that I was accusing the dentist of missing.  The dentist playing the, er, dentist had to alleviate my concerns and diffuse the situation.  So what did the dentist (who is predominantly NHS) say?

“Well you NEED a root filling, but that is very complex and is only available privately”

I kind of played with him after that, because it was clear he just didn’t GET IT.  When the exercise finished I kind of tested the idea that perhaps that statement wasn’t the sort of thing one shouldn’t be saying in this highly litigious society.  He wasn’t having any of it, so I dropped it.  It’s his decision what he does.  And I’m sure he is very good at doing RCT’s.  And you know what, this gentleman will be sued, I can almost guarantee it.  Why?

  • English is not his first language, so there is already a communication issue (he had trouble understanding my accent, so considering he works in Yorkshire……)
  • He hasn’t understood the concept that, if it is required to create and maintain Oral Health, it is available on the NHS.  He can’t argue about that, because he signed up to the contract.

The guy from DPL was actually walking past when he heard this statement, and I did see his eyebrow raise just a fraction.

This is a very dangerous game for dentists to be playing, and is not one I wish to engage in thank you very much.  I have this thing about wanting to sleep at night.  I have discussed with DPL and the local dental advisor what treatments, in what situations, are and are not available under NHS contract.  I have an understanding which is backed up by my ethical beliefs.  I also have a patient base that I largely have rapport with and that I like as individuals.  I have systems in place to make sure that the patient journey is acceptable and consistent.  Unfortunately I have one small challenge.

CQC compliance!

You see, it doesn’t matter if you are the best dentist in the world, with the cleanest most high tech premises and the best staff money can buy.  That doesn’t mean diddly squat unless you can prove it to a pen pusher.  Unless a pen pusher can come in and tick all his (or her) boxes, you are not compliant.  And I know, from my relative who used to work in care homes, that these CQC guys like to tick boxes.  They are extremely thorough, sometimes even single minded.

If you think you can fob them off with half assed policies and an aggressive, arrogant stance, you may well be in for a nasty surprise.

Now I have BDA Good Practiceat my practice, and I assumed that this would be enough to comply.  Their guidance on what aspects of GP related to CQC compliance seemed ok.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t even come close to getting you compliant as far as I can now see.  You see, the problem is I went on a CQC course the other day (one third done by the very excellent Raj Rattan).  I finally got a glimpse of just what the CQC were all about.

It was a bit of an eye opener.

So let’s see where you are.  Ask yourself if you have the following 10 items of evidence?

  • Do you have an Equality Policy?
  • Do you have a Safe Haven Policy?
  • Do you have a list of all your equipment, with their CE marks to prove that these items are fit for use in your practice?
  • Do you have a Discrimination Policy?
  • Do you have a Consent Policy?
  • Have you done the HTM 0105 Audit created by the Infection Prevention Society?
  • Do you a Confidentiality Policy?
  • Do you hold patient Forums, do patient questionnaires, have a suggestion box or even a comment book?
  • Do you have a system for ensuring no hand instrument goes more than 21 days without being autoclaved?
  • And do you have evidence that all your staff have been trained in all of the above?

Can you guess what I just spent the last 2 days doing?  The course I mentioned was run by, an organisation set up by a dentist for dentists.  They do an excellent manual which I strongly recommend.  Don’t get me wrong, this manual will not give you the policies, procedures and evidence you need for the CQC.  But, as Raj Rattan stated, it will tell you the evidence you need to collect.  And I know there are other versions of this.  CODE do one, and so do the BDA.  But to be honest, I’m not a great fan of either of these organisations.  The membership fees they ask for are extortionate.  The CQC support manual can be bought for just under £300.  Can I guarantee that it will tell you everything you need to know?  Well no of course I can’t.  As you know by now, I believe the CQC have left their so called “guidance” deliberately vague.  Why they have done that I leave up to you.  I know I am compliant, it’s just proving it by getting all the bits of paper together.  And that is time consuming.  And with the fact that failure to comply is now backed by financial and criminal sanction, I’m not prepared to mess about with this.

As for gathering the evidence, this is where the challenges came in.  Bureaucrats like folders, they like paper.  They like to see that you have done something.  They like to hold it, caress it, take it our for candle lit meals with fine wines and romantic music.  And to be fair, for me personally, it’s easier to collate everything if its in paper form.  Hence the printer now stationed in my surgery.  As I have reached my UDA quota, I can now spend the time I need without cutting into my income or my holidays.  Much of what I need I gathered from DPL Extra, a very good resource.  Mix that with the old CODE manuals I use and some bits and bobs from that extinct dinosaur called the BDA, and the evidence starts to grow.  But you know what?

Stuff was missing.  Which really surprised me………..NOT!

I ended up doing a lot of typing over those two days, but I can now provecompliance in the first 2 outcomes.  And that has resulted in me personally creating almost 50 sides of A4 in waffle.  God knows how much I will have done by the time Outcome 6 is finished.  And here is where my business head came in.  If I’m going to be sat there typing when I could be immersed in Chalres Bukowski with a bit of Daft Punk in the background, then I’m going to find a way to take advantage of it.  Hmm, sounds like old Stevey boy had just come up with a new product.

So for those who are interested, my next product to be released will be called the

Can’t Quite Comply © 2011

product, with all the policies, procedures, signed statements and extra systems I have had to create to keep those lovely chaps at this fine Quango happy.  I may even add a special bonus with regards to the Information Governance Toolkit.  People will either buy it or they won’t.

But let’s be clear:

  • This product alone will NOT make you compliant
  • I am not a lawyer or a box ticker, so I cannot guarantee these will even be accepted
  • It will however be released shortly
  • And it will be priced at less than £100.

I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, I strongly suggest checking out  Of course, it goes without saying that I will not be held liable for anything that results from your visiting that website.  Just thought I would keep my lawyers happy.

Keep well, and remember……

Don’t let the fluffy darlings get you down…….. because then they win.  And trust me, you don’t want them to win.

6 hours of verifiable CPD? From GDP Resources?

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Hello again

I hope you’ve got a fresh cup of coffee, because this is going to be a long one. Put your feet up, sit back and enjoy the ride. Oy, no talking in the back.

I was thinking the other day about the CQC. Strangely my thoughts floated onto the prospect that there might be some good to come out of all this. Eh, don’t look at me like that, just hear me out here.

The reason I think this is due to an amusing experience I had a few years ago. I have to date only found one NHS GP who actually exuded an air of confidence mixed with exceptional rapport skills…. and he was a locum. In my never ending quest to actually find a decent NHS medical practice (still haven’t managed it I’m sorry to say) I decided to visit some of them in the locality.

It was pathetic, a collection of angry trolls sat behind reception shutters, plastic bucket seats and peeling wallpaper. Throw into the mix a collection of signs demanding “Patients NOT to park here” and restricted appointment times that meant only the unemployed could actually visit the doctors in question, I wandered into a practice to continue my fruitless quest.

I think you are beginning to guess that I don’t have a lot of respect for the majority of our NHS medical colleagues (saying that I know a lot of hospital doctors and they are all top notch). For the record I have actually given up this quest and have decided to move my custom to one of those rare blessings ….. a private doctor. Oh my god, customer service.

Anyway, going back to the story, this particular practice had a waiting room that was last painted in 1957. The receptionist was rude and surely with a scowl that could strip paint….. and that was the impression I got from just watching how she spoke to other people from 5 metres across the room. The waiting room was a breeding grown for contagion as the sick and the dying coughed and sneezed upon one another. I stayed a full minute before walking straight out. I then washed my hands with a shudder.

The CQC will have an impact upon this totally unacceptable state of affairs. I don’t care if it’s free, if its NHS, I don’t care for the excuses. People still have a RIGHT to expect civility and cleanliness. And when such is delivered, it is only human nature (in most cases, some people are beyond help – ) for said civility to be reciprocated.

When you look at the CQC, you will see that their primary concern is what Chris Barrow has been chuntering on about for years…….. The Patient Journey. It is the experience the patient has in your practice that the CQC are concerned with. I think our doctors are going to have a bit of a problem with that one.

And yes I know all the box ticking, and paper shuffling is a tedious, pitiful state of affairs. And for my sins, I tried to do something about it. I wrote letters, I tried to gather consensus. Unfortunately the lone voice in the wilderness is just that, and as nobody else was interested I have now chosen to accept the present state of affairs. Accept it, deal with it, smile, dance a little jig and move on. In 10 years whose going to care? Not me, because I’ll be retired.

You know, when I started these newsletter back in the dark days before nGDS, it was all about changing the world, about making a difference. I now know I can’t change the world, not when it comes to this. That task is a far greater beast than I can handle. But if the constant flow of emails that I get is anything to go by, I can at least say I have made a difference. I have at least had a positive impact. I have helped people see a different view of things that has helped them stop digging the hole they were in, put the shovel down and ask for someone to drop down a ladder. The fact that I have to date sold over 350 systems, with only 1 person asking for their money back says a lot.

It is that feedback that makes me continue with all this. The idealist in me has grown up and realised that there is no heart in the dental profession, just individuals with passion. There is no centre, just a swirling mass of excellence. Unfortunately that excellence is still surrounded by people and practices who are… shall we say less than ideal. There are still a lot of practices with fish tanks and bucket seats, occupied by fed up staff and fed up dentists, with patients they hate and bank managers who rub their hands at the amount the practice overdraft is costing.

There is no need for a dental practice to have an overdraft facility. Now there’s a belief system for you.

When I bought my dental practice, I had £20K in the bank, and I used £15K of that to put down the deposit for the business loan. I never had an overdraft facility, I never went to the bank for another business loan, and I paid for all practice improvements (and there were a lot of improvements) from the PROFITS of the business. My bank hates me, because they never made any money off me. I’m not trying to impress you, because it isn’t impressive. It just strikes me as basic business sense.

What a lot of dentists forgot is that you have to keep improving, even if it’s just in a small way. A new certificate here, a new course for a staff member there. A lick of paint here, a new skill there. That’s all it takes.

You don’t need to spend £250K on a new spangled practice with flashing lights and high tech gizmos.

I mean ok, if you really feel that you can’t practice without all those, then go for it. I’m not telling you what to do. And I see nothing wrong with having the best practice you can create. It’s your baby after all, your dream, your passion. It’s just not mine. I like to keep things as simple as possible, whilst still knowing I can do dentistry to a standard that lets me sleep at night. And as someone who is a born worrier, you can see why high standards are important.

And from the perspective of the patient you can do a good job with relatively basic equipment and basic premises. All that matters is

  • Cleanliness
  • Rapport
  • Clinical skill
  • Value for money
  • Ethics
  • Good, friendly, helpfull staff
  • And SYSTEMS to make everything gel together.

That’s all they actually care about. Now of course if just one of those essential elements is missing, well, you will get away with it for a while. But you can only fool all of the people some of the time.

What you have to remember is that life is a journey. A bold statement, and many of you are disagreeing with me on that statement.

  • “No it’s not, life is a ch“Hahaha, how wrong, life is a Dance”
  • “Eh, what’s he talking about, life is a game”
  • “Look mate, stop talking BS, life is a struggle”
  • ore”


Life is whatever you want it to be. Life can be a fairground with 3 legged ponies and hallucinogenic rollercoaster’s if you want it badly enough. The statement “Life is………” is a global belief. It is a belief that shrouds and encases all your other beliefs, affecting their meaning and your perception of your life as it unfolds on this ever spinning rock.

So what is your global belief system? Is it holding you back, or is it propelling you forward?

There are dentists out there who are really struggling. Some don’t even know they are struggling, which is the worst scenario imaginable. There are good guys (ethical, good rapport skills, nice practice, good clinical skills), nice guys (something just isn’t quite right, something is missing from the equation) and then there are the bad guys (surly with a clear misunderstanding of what the word ethics means. Zero communication skills with huge patient and staff turnover).

The good guys (which will be most of you) can stop reading now. You don’t need me to tell you anything.

The bad guys can have their fun with the GDC and the lawyers. I have no time for them. If you think routinely putting a gold inlay on a mass of caries just because you can get 12 bloody UDA’s is acceptable, then you can go to hell as far as I am concerned. Don’t ever darken my door.

But if you know deep inside that your career and your practice need to change, if the little voice tells you that what you are doing is wrong, then listen to the damned voice. It’s there for a reason……. because it is the voice of reason. Heed the wisdom and change your ways. You are there to serve the patient and as an end result make a living. You are not there to milk the system at the expense of the patient. You are a professional, not a used car salesman.

You see I started GDP Resources because I saw the way dentists around me were killing themselves on the old GDS treadmill. You didn’t have to see 70 patients a day to make a living. You didn’t have to work 6 days a week, 50 weeks of the year. I and many other far more skilled and reputable than me proved it. You didn’t have to treat people you didn’t like, and tolerate bad staff.

And you still don’t.

And that was why I started this website, to get this message across. And now I have another message. That constant improvement that you make in your business can be made in your life. You can make changes that will see immense benefit just by making minute changes every single day. It’s the consistency that does it, the constant chipping away at your old habits. Perseverance and determination are the keys to success.

This is what the “Emancipation of the Enslaved” is all about. It’s about taking the plasticine of your life and moulding it to your desires. Take life and grab it.

What a way to get 6 hours of verifiable CPD eh?

See you soon

Information Governance Toolkit

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Hello again

Most of you who work in the NHS will no doubt be aware of the IGT that is available online.  If you are a practice owner, and you have no idea what I am talking about, you may want to get busy over the next few days.

It’s an enjoyable way to spend several hours of your life, as is root canal therapy and being pulled out for an “Enhanced pat Down” at a US airport.  It’s getting almost like a scene from Deliverance over there…

You ain’t from around here are you stranger

To be fair, I’m not really sure what the IGT is all about, all I know is that it is a definite requirement for NHS practices (I don’t know about Private practices).  You have until 31st March to fill it out.  I know it’s about confidentiality and protection of data, but the actual scope and work that needs to be put into this has left me speechless.  I can’t actually formulate the words to express my thoughts on the individual who spawned this monster.

What I do know is I now have a fresh pile of paper to put in a  folder to put on my bookcase that is actually straining under the weight of all the other folders.  Perhaps I need to do a risk assessment in case it breaks! 

And I always wonder who comes up with stuff like this.  When I came up with my Practice System Templates, I at least came up with something that was useful, and could enhance and improve the business you run.  For a small business like mine, the IGT is pretty pointless…… but then most of the regulation we encounter at the moment meets that criteria.  As an example, I just had an email from Paypal because they couldn’t verify that my business reference number for the LLP through which this website is run…….. even though it is available for free from the Companies House website.  I have to fax them something that they can get online in about 1 minute.

But then you kind of expect that sort of thing with Paypal.  You get used to it. 

Of course it’s the same for pretty much everyone now.

But as far as I know, this has nothing to do with the CQC.  I believe they will use the results of the IGT as part of their assessment, but you can’t actually blame them for it.  You can’t even blame the CQC for their new role as our regulator, because I know for a fact that this was thrust upon them

They are possibly more unhappy about this than we are. 

That isn’t to say they won’t step into their new role with all guns blazing.  They are, by their very nature, pen pushers and box tickers who will do what their Whitehall masters tell them.  They will soon grow into the job, only then to find themselves faced with a more dangerous beast, a beast that has been known to fight back.


Doctors tend to be a bit more militant than dentists from my limited perception of them.  But there is danger here.  Doctors are being put in charge of NHS budgets, just at the time they are also having to comply with CQC.  That’s a lot to sort in such a short time period.  Hardly good timing if you ask me.  If you see lots of negative press over the coming months about how much money doctors earn, you can bet that they are being set up to take a big fall.  The dental profession has been cowed, now for the uppity medics.  The conspiracy theorist lurking within me sees something that perhaps is best not mentioned.  I’ll tell him to keep quiet.  Hush up now.

As I have said before, it’s all about controlling the middle classes, without pushing hard enough that they go into all out revolt.  Because this is a dangerous time for Western governments, a very dangerous time.  Osbourne is already making noises about cutting fuel duty, but what good that will do if Saudi Arabia falls is open to question.  The good news is that oil is unlikely to go above $200a barrel for any length of time…… because at that price the actual people who take it out of the ground can’t afford to go to work, resulting in massive oil shortages and economic collapse……. which brings the price crashing down. 

Ok, perhaps not the best news I could give you.  Sorry.

Governments know all this.  If you want a representation of what governments are doing at the moment, picture that Blue Peter presenter doing her high wire act over Battersea power station.  Take away the safety harness and add a troop of erratic rabid monkeys hanging from the wire.  Do you think she will make it to the other side where economic prosperity awaits?

I for one don’t.  I think she’s going to have a nasty fall. 

What people always seem to forget is that societies go through really bad times on a pretty regular basis.  And we are not immune from this.  Anyone who ever says “but this time it’s different” needs to be taken roughly by the lapels and shaken vigorously….. you might actually be able to hear their brains sloshing.

It’s never different! 

History always repeats itself because humans always make the same idiotic mistakes they made the last time.  It’s basic psychology.  Short term gain outweighs long term pain, especially if that pain can be put onto the next generation.  As individuals we often invest and make great sacrifices for our children, but as a society we have basically severely damaged their future.  They are not going to thank the Baby Boomers and the Generation Xers.

Of course they will sort this mess out.  That’s what I wanted to say today, because they always do.  And then the generations after will repeat the mistakes, and we will carry on like that slowly lurching forwards until the sun goes Nova and the Aliens are amusing themselves with “Did you hear the one about the stupid Earth monkey

Things may well get a bit hairy for a while over the next few years.  There will be times when you think that everything you see around you is about to collapse around your ears.  Things will happen in your life, in the economy and in your business that will take you to the edge.

But hey, that’s called LIFE mate.  You may well be knocked to the floor, dazed and confused, but you have to keep getting up.  Take a moment, compose yourself, but get up off that damned floor.  Stand up, stand tall and carry on. 

The all encompassing THEY cannot beat you, no matter what happens.

Only YOU can beat you. 

So when you are faced with a situation you see no way out of, the only failure is in quitting.  There is always a solution.  There is always a way out.  There is always a way of looking at the situation that changes it’s meaning.  In the words of Winston Churchill

Never, never, never, never, never give up

See you next time

The Dentistry show Friday 4th March

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Well, it’s that time of year again, that time when dentists from across the land to the Birmingham NEC in search of as much free stuff as the dental reps are willing to give out.  Don’t hope for too much this year folks, the reps haven’t been too generous in this recession so far. 

If anyone’s interested I will be there, and will be hanging around K60 most of the afternoon, temporary home of Bleyer LLP.  So if you fancy popping round to say hi, feel free to join me in a rant between 2-4pm

Now I know what you are thinking……. who the hell are Bleyer LLP?

Well, to put it simply they are precious metals agents.  They buy and sell, for clients, physical Gold and Silver.

The guy who runs the show is David Peers, and he will be more than happy to answer any of your questions about owning and storing physical metals. Obviously I’m not allowed to give financial advice, so I wouldn’t dream of telling you what to do with your money.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there.

Yours in Commerce

Stephen: Hudson, the authorised representative of the legal fiction

Stephen Hudson, BDS, MFGDP, DRDP 

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary!

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Hello again 

In 1998 I was facing burn out and a high risk of leaving the profession for another career.  The way I was doing dentistry was not satisfactory.  My skills and knowledge were poor, a true reflection of the inadequate education delivered by the centre of excellence (cough cough) I qualified from in 1995.  A less than adequate VT experience followed by life as an associate in heavily deprived areas left me a tad disillusioned.  My health was suffering to a marked degree and I almost walked away.

One thing changed all that.  One day I was reading one of the dental rags and I saw a one year course advertised.  So I went on it.  One day a month for 12 months was a blessing, and I soon realised that the dentistry I was doing wasn’t the dentistry I should be doing.  I went from no courses a year to a complete course junky.  

That course was run by a man you may have heard of, Paul Tipton.  For those of you who haven’t a clue who I am talking about, Paul is a highly respected specialist in Prosthodontics, and has published many scientific articles in the dental press.  He is an expert lecturer in his field with Tipton Training Academiesin Manchester, Leeds, London, Edinburgh and Dublin.   After gaining his Masters Degree in Conservative Dentistry in 1989, he was awarded the Diploma in General Dental Practice four years later.  He received Specialist status in Prosthodontics in 1999 from the GDC, and he is currently the President of the British Academy of Implant Dentistry. He is one of the UK’s most successful dental teachers in the fields of Restorative, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry.  Over the last 20 years with more than 2000 dentists completing a year long certificate courses from one of the Tipton Training Academies (  His new Practical Restorative course, the one I just completed, starts in  London in March 2011.  If you are lucky there may still be places left, but you have probably missed the boat for that one.  Not to worry, that boat will dock again shortly.

Now many people have opinions about Paul, good and bad.  Let me say that I personally have a hell of a lot of respect for the guy, especially as I probably would no longer be doing dentistry if it wasn’t for him.  So it goes without saying that I highly recommend his courses.  I love the way HE doesn’t tell you what to do, he tells you what the REASEARCH tells you to do.

And I’ve done a lot of courses.  I’ve done the Eastman Certificate and Diploma, and to be honest, the Eastman is good, but it’s not as good as Tipton training.   In my opinion, Paul Tipton is exceptional at what he does, so much so that, as I have already said,  I redid his Phantom Head course recently down in London.  Well run, and a good learning experience.  Yes it’s not the cheapest, but then quality never is.  Hell I’ve done my fair share of cheap courses, and considered most of them to be a waste of the day.  It’s always discouraging when you leave the seminar with the sinking feeling that you actually know more than the lecturer.  That has never happened with Paul.

Now then, what’s this really about?  I know you Steve Hudson, you’re upto something aren’t you?  Well, as it happens I have a reason for talking about Tipton training.  I was so impressed by the last course I did, I felt obliged to become a raging fan.  So I asked Paul if he had any objections to my promoting his courses. 

What a stupid question that was.  

I have also managed to get my subscribers a deal when it comes to doing Tipton training.  Specifically, the deal relates to the 1 year aesthetics course which I believe still has several places.  I did this course back in 2000 and found it extremely enlightening.  The following link will tell you more about it.

Aesthetic course – PDF


In summary here is the deal offered:

Aesthetic Course: 13 days, 1 per month, Manchester only

  • The course is priced at £399 + VAT per course day and starts on 8th April 2011
  • Special Deal for anyone that quotes “GDP Resources” while booking is that you will be offered a further £20 off per course day. So youwill get the Aesthetic Course at £379 + VAT per course day.


If you are interested, you can email  Vivek Gupta on behalf of Tipton Training at, and tell him I sent you. 

To find out more about Tipton Training and the large array of courses they offer,  visit

If you have any questions, or want to know more about Pauls courses, you can contact me though the contact form on this website.  I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. 

Normal unrepentant ranting resumes next week

Yours in commerce

Dr Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, DRDP

Please help support the Sick Dentist Scheme and the BDA Benevolent fund by buying my products.  A proportion of the profits from all sales are split equally between these two charities

PS:  Please feel free to pass this websites address onto anyone you feel may be interested in it

Disclaimer: S.Hudson or SNH Publications will not be held liable for any actions taken based on the information provided in this newsletters.  This information is for entertainment only.

Eat the Rich

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Hello again

Well, as most of you have noticed, the new website is up and running.  There have been a few teething problems, but nothing that a calm mind and rational reasoning can’t fix.  So if you go to the site and something doesn’t work, or you buy a product and for some reason you don’t get it, just get in touch and I will fix it.  The creases are slowly being ironed out.

Now you may have heard recently that there has been a bit of a kafuffle in the Middle East.  Apparently people are a tad miffed that they are being forced to live in poverty under an oppressive police state, whilst their “betters” lord it up in palaces and fly about in private jets.  They see their children starving, and they see the Powers that Were living the high life and they sort of got a tad miffed.

Can you blame them?  I certainly can’t, because most of them are finally casting off the chains of slavery.  Whether they will then put on the chains given to them by a different master may well be something to watch in the future.

 Now of course we in the west are better off.  Oh it’s true that the Powers that Were show their true colours occasionally, but most of the time they have to play along with the illusion that we live in a free society.  They will respond to your letters, and will apologise to the nation when one of their many minions messes up.  They will tread a very fine line of optimising their control over the populace and giving the populace enough free rein to live what has the potential to be an empowering life.

 You see, despite the regulation, despite the CCTV and the data mining that occurs though your use of the internet, and despite the conversion of the police force and the courts into a corporate revenue collection agency, it is still possible to live an awesome life.  And whilst it is very noticeable that our daily freedoms have been constrained, this country is still a damn site better than most other countries.

  • You can still walk down the street without being asked for your papers
  • Most police officers will respect your rights when they encounter you
  • You can still leave the country without first asking for permission
  • You are still allowed to engage in business to earn a living
  • There is still a rule of law, and most of the country is safe to live in despite what you read in the Daily Mail
  • You have the world’s biggest library available at your finger tips, and can still read virtually any book that was ever written
  • You can still practice whatever religion you want
  • You still have the right to fall in love and have as many children as you want to
  • And it is still possible to become rich in this country.

And it is the last aspect I want to have a little chat with you about today.  There has always been something inherently wrong with the wealth psychology of this country.  For some reason, there is something very wrong with being rich in the UK, as if you are somehow tainted by dark forces.  The rich displayed on our TV screens are seen as corrupt, morally bankrupt individuals who live joyless lives.  Most of them drink to much, and are somehow the oppressors of the working man. 

  • They are rich bankers who spend 3 hours lunch hours whilst the average Joe slaves to feed their children. 
  • They are the fat cat multinational conglomerate owners who would sell your Grandmother to improve the bottom line 
  • They are the thuggish footballer and the halfwit celebrity who is famous for being famous. 

 But of course, the nobility are different, have you noticed that.  Yes, it’s his family’s money and he hasn’t worked a day in his life, but that’s because he’s an Earl.  Strange how we somehow still think we have betters isn’t it.  Just ask anyone in the military how they have more respect for officers that started out as officers, rather than those that started in the lower ranks.  You see, people don’t like being reminded that they can achieve almost anything, if only they would pull that thumb out of their arse.  They don’t like being shown that people can start with nothing and achieve great things.  No, people prefer to believe that you can only become rich if you are

  • Born into Money (which is somehow okm because you aren’t deemed to be a threat)
  • Lucky (again, that’s differant, because it’s fate)
  • Somehow dishonest …… which apparently is the majority

 And the media play along because they know its what the POPULATION want to hear.

  • 99% of this countries population will never be rich.  Not because they don’t have the ability.  Not because they don’t have intelligence, or ideas, but because they don’t have the psychology. 
  • They aren’t prepared to do what needs to be done to become financially stable, never mind create a net worth of over say £5 million.
  • They aren’t prepared to delay status and put off buying the latest gadget with money they don’t have.
  • They aren’t prepared to take the leap of faith and work for themselves
  • They aren’t prepared to think for themselves
  • But most of all, they aren’t ready to drop their bigoted and unfounded opinions of those around them.

 If you don’t respect the rich, how on earth are you going to become one of them?  We want what the rich have, but we don’t want to become them.  We crave their lifestyle, and yet we despise who they are.  We are in awe at their achievements, and yet we yearn for the day when we catch them in a compromising position.  We will sue someone at the drop of a hat, and yet act in shocked horror when the solicitors letter drops through our mail box.  We are the agents of our own destruction.

What a screwed up society we truly live in.  We don’t need men in suits in smoke filled rooms to oppress us, because we do enough of that to ourselves.  If we want true equality, we have to start by believing that we are in fact equal, that it matters not how much money someone else has.  It doesn’t matter if someone earns more money than you.  Wishing dark deeds to befall them isn’t going to increase the size of your bank balance now is it?

If you want change, you need to be the change.   If you want to be rich, you need to be respectful of other peoples achievements.  You need to look up to them and say, “that’s where I want to be”.

Remember that most people do truly despise the rich.  Despite the totalitarian tiptoe that is ever so slowly crawling towards us, the only real person enslaving you is yourself. 

 Yours in commerce

Stephen: Hudson the authorised representative for the legal fiction Dr Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, DRDP

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By Newsletters

Hello again

The Bank of England is charged with the task of controlling Inflation so we are told. It also does a lot of other things that most people don’t know about, but today we will merely be concentrating on Inflation. I’ll not be talking about how the BOE is a private bank (you will be told that the BOE was nationalised decades ago, but actually only the building was taken into public ownership). I won’t be talking about how this private bank, loans the government money at interest, creating a debt that can never be repaid. Nope, I won’t be talking about that, only inflation.

At present inflation is about 4%. That’s not too bad I hear you say, 4% is quite low, isn’t it? Well let me put it another way. If inflation stays at 4%, then the price of everything you buy will double in 17 years time. This means that the value of your money will halve in 17 years. And of course, with interest rates at record lows, this effectively means you are being robbed. If you are lucky to be getting 1% on your savings, it will take 70 years for your money to double.

Not really very fair that is it. In fact, that stinks.

But banking isn’t meant to be fair. Banking is about profit, nothing more. Banking is about the accumulation of wealth, by bankers for bankers. It has always been this way, and despite the noises made by government, it will always be this way. This is why when you eventually pay off your mortgage, you find you have paid 2-3 times the original value of the house you bought.

Of course, the mantra goes that this doesn’t matter because house prices always go up. Well, technically that’s correct, but house prices go up in 18 year cycles, each cycle including a large dip. Of course, the higher the inflation, the less you money is actually worth, so whilst it might seem empowering to learn the value of your house has double over 20 years, to learn that the cost of everything else has also doubled can be a bit of an eye opener. It’s almost as if you were lied to…….. a little word in your lughole mate. You WERE lied to, but it was an indirect, subtle lie of omission.

We are going to see a lot of inflation this year, but it won’t be hyperinflation as seen in the Weimar republic. You won’t be needing to go out and buy wheelbarrows so that you can gather enough ready cash to buy a loaf of bread. No, because whilst you will see inflation, you will also see deflation and a depression of earning power as unemployment rises and central government puts a cap on wages.

Dentists will be trapped in a spiral of rising costs (materials, regulation and taxes) whilst they work within a system where their earnings are capped in the most part. Whilst there are practices that are seeing increased demand for non therapeutic services, most practices will likely see revenue fall. NHS practice because their NHS income is capped, private practices because discretionary spending is in the toilet (the retail figures for December were an absolute disaster for the high street). The British consumer is getting squeezed from all sides. And he has closed is wallet and isn’t buying.

The practice owner will have to up his/her game, or accept a lower income. The associate will see a considerable pressure to reduce his/her percentage of gross income as the number of potential associates grows. I really do feel that associates have no clue as to what is about to hit them right between the eyes.

And there is another issue. A major problem is that, although the number of dentists joining the associate pool is growing in a market with shrinking opportunities, the number of actually competent associates is falling. The NHS system is not allowing them the opportunity to gain experience in either rapport skills or actual treatment skills. The NHS is being deskilled, and the effective wages of these self employed contractors will fall. Add to this the increased difficulty in owning a practice and we can see what the new contract and its coming successors is all about. It is about control and the corporatisation of dentistry.

Let me explain my reasoning.

There are presently three types of NHS dentists.

  • Those who game the system mercilessly and are there purely for the money.
  • Those who do what they can to make a living and stay ethical.
  • Those who are hanging on for retirement.

It is inevitable that the last two in that list will be forced out of the NHS, either via retirement, ill health or privatisation. The former will join a growing band of poorly skilled, disillusioned associates to become the dominant archetype for the future of NHS dentistry. The corporates will own the battlefield and will be after patient numbers and revenue whilst cutting costs to the dry, bleached bone. Most of them do not and will not care about the actual patient experience. All that will matter will be the sums the accountants come up with for the shareholders.

The actual patient experience from NHS dentistry will more and more mimic the experience people have with the greater NHS. And patients of quality, the ones who have souls and have a fecking inkling about what is acceptable and what isn’t, they will flock away from the NHS to the private dentists who will, more and more be offering an exceptional level of care (what Chris Barrow calls Concierge Dentistry). And they will take their check books with them.

And this will hit those patients on state benefits and low incomes of course. The majority of these people are decent, conscientious individuals, many of whom have hit on hard times. But they will not be able to afford private care, and will be left with a failing system, with dentists who seem to feel that the science of Occlusion belongs with tales of Dragons and virginal Maidens, and where periodontal disease is an illusion invented by agents of the Matrix. It will create a two tier system. The lawyers are going to make a killing off the new NHS, whilst the ethical, rapport minded, highly skilled private practitioners will find their way of doing dentistry acts almost as a shield against litigation. People do not sue people they like, people who have involved them in the co-diagnosis of their own conditions. The days of Sir Lancelot Sprat are long dead….. if only someone would tell our medical colleagues.

This will take several years to occur. In that transition period, as more dentists leave the NHS, there will be an inflation of competition in the private sector. The days when you could privatise and offer the same service for higher fees has ended. You will need care nurses, sales systems and the rapport building skills of and American Presidential candidate. And it doesn’t help that we are still in a recession.

The high street just got absolutely slaughtered. Do you risk privatisation now with soaring costs, an imminent sovereign bond default of one or more European countries, and a coming currency crisis? Or do you hang on in the NHS system, improving your customer experience, your skills and your staff training until you see the time is right.

Whatever you choose, times will be challenging. But it is from great challenge that great individuals are made. You just have to have a definitive plan, and know how to implement it.

At least, that’s the way it looks from here.

Yours in commerce

Stephen: Hudson the authorised representative for the legal fiction Dr Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, DRDP

What matters most is how you walk through the fire

By Newsletters

Before we start our little adventure into the human condition, I would like you to do something for me. I want you to find some music, something that makes you feel alive, makes your heart sing and your eyes well up. I want you to put on those headphones, I want you to sit back and completely immerse yourself in it. Visualise a time when you felt alive, when you felt a passion for life that almost felt like it would make you break. Just one song, that’s all I ask. Go on, I’ll wait for you, no rush now.

Ok, you’re back. Of course some of you never left.

“Oh, I’ll do it later”

“well I’m sorry, I just don’t see the point”

Why didn’t you do it? You had the time. Oh well, your loss.

Life is an interesting experience, I’m sure you will agree. The disappointing thing, in my eyes, is that most people don’t live their lives. Their lives live them. They get up, grumble that it’s so early, try and wake themselves up, go to a job they hate, and then grumble on the way home about the traffic that’s stopping them from retreating to their box filled with its trinkets and electronic distractions. This is not life. It is barely even existence. They leave school, get a job, get married have kids, grow a bit wider in the middle, take up a hobby, potter about, watch a lot of TV and wake up one morning feeling strange. Then they look at themselves in the mirror and, with shocked silence realise they don’t recognise the person gazing back at them. They did what they were supposed to do, what they were told to do, and life just passed them by and visited some other more deserving fellows.

So much time lost. So much time wasted.

Life tries to give you a little nudge of course. It is only fair that life gives you a chance, an opportunity to WAKE UP. There you are plodding along, a few pounds in your pocket, got your stuff going together and then, wham, something completely unexpected hits you right where it hurts, knocking you flat on your face.

It happens to everyone, and when it happens it is very easy to believe that you have experienced a GAME OVER situation. Some people check out. Some people become broken. Some people stand up dust themselves off and shout


If you are alive, it’s never game over. If you are breathing, and you mind still works, you always have choices. As Napoleon Hill once said, “Opportunity comes wrapped in impossible situations”

Pick yourself up, slap yourself a few times and walk headlong into the fire.

There is a very important lesson you need to realise here. Life does not just happen to you. You have control. You have control by how you react to Life’s little games. The decisions you make, and the way you make them will determine the quality of your life. It’s all up to you, no matter what your circumstances. Because as long as you are here there is always another way.

You live in the greatest society the world has ever known. You have information, opportunity and experiences available to you that your ancestors couldn’t even imagine. The guy in a minimum wage job, living in a one bedroom apartment in the crappy part of town has a life infinitely more superior than Pharaohs and Kings from the past. Don’t believe me?

  • Electricity
  • Safe, running water
  • Wireless internet, giving him access to a library not even the gods had imagined
  • Public transportation
  • The simple telephone
  • Food from every continent packaged and available for his convenience
  • Free health care
  • A life free of Cholera, Diphtheria, the Plague, Smallpox, and Tetanus
  • Movies available that would be unimaginable even 50 years ago
  • The ability to travel to every part of the globe

You don’t have problems. You have challenges. The challenges are put there to see what you are made of, to see if you have what it takes to walk through the fire. They are there to teach you, to humble you, and to enlighten you.

They are there for you.

You think the contents of your bank account, or the baubles in your home are important? You think you are successful because you drive a nice car and can travel business class…….. you think this because you have forgotten that success is an illusion. It is an irrelevance, a phantom. If you were given 6 months to live tomorrow, all your material goods would mean NOTHING.

The most important thing in life is HOW YOU LIVE, every minute of every day. It is your experience, you soul and your character that matters. That is what sets you apart from another human being. It is WHO YOU ARE deep inside that matters, and what matter even more is who you will BECOME. Not that suit you wear, or the gold shiny things hanging from your anatomy.

So who are you? And who do you want to be?

And now the most important question of all.

Are you Happy?

It’s a simple question. Are you happy? Is your heart almost stopped by the beauty and the majesty of life. Is your breath taken by the very passion that life can allow you? I’m talking about the passion of being alive that you can feel any time you damn well please. Or are you too worried about the credit card bill?

Yes our society is troubled. Yes we are being assaulted on all sides by regulation, laws and pointless political ideas. Our police are becoming corporate revenue collectors and our entertainment is 2 generations away from the Running Man.

But have you ever asked yourself why? Why is the greatest society the world has ever seen starting to feed off itself?


We have forgotten that life has to be grabbed by the throat and shaken until it gives us what we want. Instead most of us just bend over and grab our ankles. We have to fight for our wants, or we will simply be left with our needs. Get off your backside. Decide what you want. Decide, or the decision will be made for you. This is after all why I created the Mastermind Alliance. What most of you don’t know is that it was created by myself and a friend……… for us. It was our guide, our beacon on a path with one final ending. Without a guide, you just wander aimlessly in the wilderness. And I wasn’t willing to accept that.

Now some of you will already know all this, because you are doing it. You are living it, breathing it, tasting it. Life is your passion.

Others amongst you are almost dead inside. You world is a collection of reactions and opinions to the thoughts and actions of others. Let that spark grow, that dream, that light that shines within you. Please, be all that you can be.

And some of you are in a dark place. A realm of heartache, illness, financial stress and depression. I’ve been there, we all have. Remember there are always choices. Even if you have just 6 months to live, you get the choice of how to experience those six months. There is always another way and there is always hope.

Remember that what matters most is how you walk through the fire.

And also remember that there are people infinitely worse off than yourselves. Which is where I now make a plea. Every year I choose 2 charities to donate either my time and/or money to. I believe that what you give out is returned a thousand fold.

One of the causes I chose to donate money to this year is Bridge2Aid, which as it happens is being supported by our old comrade Chris barrow. Just so you know, Chris hasn’t asked me to mention this, I just feel it a worthy cause, and why not donate through someone most of us either know or know of? If you want to know more, then here is his donation page

No pressure.

And to answer the question I was asked the other day as to why I write these newsletters…………. it’s because of the passion I feel when writing them. The day they become a chore is the day I stop.

Yours in commerce

Stephen: Hudson the authorised representative for the legal fiction Dr Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, DRDP

And Rome Burns

By Newsletters

Many people know about the Romans. They know that they were a great economic and military power that controlled most of Europe and the land around the Mediterranean for hundreds of years. They were successful because their disciplined approach to warfare, government and commerce. At least initially. It is when this discipline failed that the decline began. We don’t know for sure why the Roman empire fell, all we know is that it did (like all empires). There are however competing theories

  • It didn’t help that there was a gradual erosion of the currency to create inflation and thus help fuel the great machine of commerce and war that fed the empires expansion. The inflation became hyperinflation
  • The Army was corrupted by the massive influx of Germanic mercenaries who changed the core values of the most highly trained military on the planet. Ironic really considering it was the Germanic tribes who went onto ransack most of Italy
  • The moral corruption of the leaders and the populace, exemplified by the destruction of the Roman Republic and the creation of a virtual dictatorship through much of the latter Emperors.

What the bloody hells this then, a History lesson?

No. It’s an example of how we haven’t learnt from history.

We are at a point in this country, where we are close to a point of no return in the evolution of our society. If you look at agencies such as the CQC with its bizarre mutation of the English language, the place we are going looks like a Kafkaesque hybrid of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. This prospect is not something I am overly pleased about. There is still time to change the path we are on, and it is up to us to make that change, for the sake of future generations.

Or we can let our offspring grow up in a world where our Grand children will never really understand the concept of privacy and freedom, potential victims to an autocratic state machine that is soulless and without wisdom or empathy. They will be nothing but numbers, units to be milked to grease the wheels of corrupt commerce by governments and dishonorable corporations. This isn’t some great conspiracy, it’s just the way the compass needle is pointing. We need to point it another way.

My recent CRB application at the Post Office was a classic example of the madness which will soon become the norm. In I walked to join a single queue in a room the size of half a football pitch. The downtrodden, the dejected and the derelict all waited in the central queuing area with me (I’ll let you decide which of those 3 categories I was in). People mumbled to themselves incoherently, as the line made its progress through the barriers, all the time watched by a minimum wage slob who masqueraded as a security guard. How the criminals must have quacked with fear.

“Window number 8 please”

I got the application in, but only with the help of 3 Post Office staff members who were less than complimentary to the CQC. I also declined to engage in the Irony of taking my Shotgun Licence as a form of ID for a CRB check. This was a procedure dumped on the post office staff from a great height, with most of them having little or no training. And they say CQC implementation isn’t being rushed.

And all this to be able to do a job I have been doing for 15 years, even though dentistry is not even a regulated activity under the CRB regulations. Interesting times.

And then there was the recent Sheffield lecture, headed by those unfortunates at the BDA and a representative of the CQC. The CQC rep talked about fairness, and how “End Users” were entitled to learn about their treatment in a language they understood.

“How Ironic that you say that whilst holding something so incomprehensible” I shouted, pointing at the Guidance tome she held in her hand. I don’t think I’ll be getting any Christmas cards off her this year.

And even more recently, a colleague received a response letter from our CDO (to his questions about HTM 0105), the syntax and tone of which very clearly told him to shut the hell up and stop bothering those more important than him.

Do you see what I see, or am I just like the loopy old man you won’t sit next to on the bus? Our protests and complaints are cast aside because they are few and far between. We do not shout with a single loud voice, nor are we relentless in our agenda. Those who choose to implement their mindless agenda on us are dogged and ruthless. But they are also fearful. Fearful of exposure and the uncompromising voice of truth. Fearful for their jobs, fearful of the relentless finger of shame that can be pointed by the public.

“It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong” – Voltaire

I would rephrase that

“It is dangerous for the government to be wrong when the people are right”

Now let’s get something perfectly clear here. I’m not telling you to rise up and hang them all from lamp posts. I’m not in fact telling you to do anything. I’m just rambling inanely. Thoughts enter my head and they get transferred to this keyboard. Illegal actions are to be avoided at all costs. There are no Pitchforks and torches required here; after all it’s not Victor Frankenstein we’re dealing with here. No it’s something far worse.

It is ourselves.

It’s our own fear, our own doubt, our own inertia, and our own apathy. The problem here is our meek and feeble acceptance to things we know are wrong, that we know are damaging and that we know are criminal. We turn on our TV and hope we can forget…… but the elephant is still there with you. It’s there when you are in your surgery, when you buy your newspaper, when you pay your taxes. The elephant in the room is staring you in the face and you may well have to eventually acknowledge its presence. But that if course is up to you.

Am I just talking about CQC and HTM 0105? Of course not. And there is still great beauty, compassion and honesty in the world, like the roses in a garden. But if all you do is concentrate on the Roses, the garden will soon get overrun by weeds.

Your liberty carries a price. It requires dedication, commitment and fearlessness. Are you willing to pay that price? There is no right or wrong answer here, because the choice you make will be the right one for you.

It’s up to you. You either stand up for what you believe in, or you shut your mouth and watch what you have acquiesced to. Make your choice. Either is fine, it’s your reality you are living after all.

By the way, I am available for children’s parties……… I’ll soon have a CRB check to prove it

Yours in commerce

Stephen: Hudson the authorised representative for the legal fiction Dr Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, DRDP

The problem with money and why I never give financial advice

By Newsletters, Registered

Hello again

Just to recap, none of this is financial advice. What I say is merely for entertainment purposes only. Shame that I have to keep writing that, but that’s the world we live in folks.

Over the last few newsletters I have been discussing the way we as human beings live our lives based around the concept of money. As a recap it is my philosophy that you should earn more and spend less. That way you get to a point where your investments are sufficient to keep you in the lifestyle you want…….. so that you can then step back and work only because you want to not because you have to.

Now for those who want to take up this philosophy (and let me tell you from the start it is not for everyone) the spending less money every month is the place to start. The reason being is a little law called “Parkinson’s Law”

“Expenses rise to meet earnings”

It doesn’t matter how much you earn if you spend it all. You have to break Parkinson’s Law if you want to be financially independent because you aren’t going to win it and you aren’t going to inherit it. Admittedly, you might be able to build up a practice and sell it for a large capital gain, but if you have large debts and large overheads, that’s really not going to be such a windfall. Just run the maths.

Some people take to this like a duck to water, others struggle with it immensely.

“But I like driving flash cars”

And that’s fine, there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to spend the equivalent of six months income on a box that gets you from A to B go for it. I’m not telling you what to do, I’m just exploring possibilities.

You see I have a big problem with the “buy me and be happy” culture that is rammed down our throats by marketers. One because much of the marketing techniques used today are based on dubious psychological and NLP technologies, and secondly at the end of the day most people find that the happiness found in that latest purchase is fleeting. A new kitchen quickly becomes an old kitchen.

But that wasn’t what I wanted to talk about today. If you remember, the second part of the philosophy is to make more money. And there will be many of you who will be tapping me on the shoulder saying “well I tried that, but I just got a whacking great tax bill that sucked it all off to HMRC”. And that will happen initially, and many people keep hitting this wall time and again. But, let me tell you a little secret.

That wall is there for a reason.

And there are 2 points of view on this. The first is that there is an international conspiracy of bankers and puppet politicians that have manipulated the whole system to stop people getting ahead and stop them breaking out of the “matrix” for want of a better word. Keep them trapped, keep them producing and tax them to the hilt.

I think the second point of view is more empowering, and somewhat more realistic. The wall is a test. If you pass the test you get to a place that very few people see. Having spoken to several people who have passed the test, let me describe that place for you.

You no longer worry about your tax bill. You no longer have any debt, other than business debt. Your credit cards (if you even use them) are paid off in full every month. You never travel economy, but you also don’t flaunt your wealth. If you found you were suddenly unable to work tomorrow, you could last several years on the reserves you had set aside.

And the little voices of protest are rising up. It’s OK, you situation is different, I know. You’ve got kids, business is slow, you lost money in a dodgy investment. Of course, the people I spoke to pretty much all have or had those same things in their lives too, but we’ll not talk about that.

Did you know that most American millionaires went bankrupt at least once?

There is a threshold with making money. Once you have reduced your outgoings and broken Parkinson’s law, you find it easier to put aside your tax money. The more you earn, the more your earning power starts to outrun the tax taken (harder now with the 50% tax bracket I know, but still very possible). And what also happens is you stop relying on earnings that are hit by income tax. You start to gather investments that come under capital gains tax. You start to think “well maybe a bank account with its taxed interest isn’t the best place for my money” and you start to look elsewhere.

Once you pass the test, you start to get smart. And then something amazing happens.

Money just starts to appear. You just seem to attract it. Because you are no longer worrying about money, you brain shifts……… and you start seeing opportunities all around you. It’s scary. There is of course something else that can happen, some people get complacent and lazy…… and get sucked right back below the threshold.

But you don’t even reach the threshold until you get out of the spending habit.

And as for making it, well I’m shortly going to announce something that will be extremely exciting to some of you. But only some of you.

The rest of you (the rest being the large majority) will have no interest in it whatsoever…. which is a good. Because firstly it involves an investment technique that is more risky than keeping your money in the bank. Secondly it’s very expensive. Thirdly, it’s not guaranteed to make you any money whatsoever, in fact you could easily lose money. And fourthly it involves travelling to another country.

I know that’s not saying much. What I can tell you is for those of you who are interested, I will be able to get you a significant discount through my contacts with the organisers.

I’ll keep you posted.

Right I’m off to buy myself a new car :)


Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, DRDP

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What do you want?

By Newsletters, Registered


Hello again

You are where you are in life at present pretty much due to the decisions you have made. Much of what happens to you from now on will be due to the things you did (or didn’t do) in the past. Of course you can choose to believe in fate, genetics, even Karma……. but when it comes down to it, you are the Captain of your own ship.

Let me give you some examples.

  • If you’re not rich and you want to be….. why aren’t you. It is because you have not CONSISTANTLY done what rich people do.
  • If you are overweight and you want to be thin….. why aren’t you. It’s because you have not CONSISTANTLY done what thin people do (it’s also because the modern western diet of high fructose corn syrup, MSG and non organic food resets the hypothalamus to lower your metabolism)
  • If you are not enjoying dentistry to the degree you once did…… why aren’t you. It is probably because you have lost your passion, your drive.

As I said, you are the Captain of your ship. And as always happens someone will come out with an excuse that what has happened to them wasn’t their fault. And sometimes that’s true. But most of the time, it’s your fault. Not your wifes, not the neighbours, not your stock brokers…….. yours.

It’s all down to you.

So let me ask you a question.

“What do you want?”

You see I know what you need. You need food, water, shelter and social interaction. But what do you WANT?

  • Do you want to make a million pounds?
  • Do you want to be the next J.D.Hull?
  • Do you want to own your own island?
  • Do you want to weigh a certain weight?
  • Do you want to look a certain way?
  • Do you want to feel a certain way?
  • Do you want to go Cliff Diving in South America?
  • Do you want to learn to fly a Helicoptor?
  • Do you want to spend most of your time in the garden?
  • Do you want to race camels under the gaze of the pyramids?

What do you want? And why do you want it?

Do you know? Or do you just THINK you know?

So my question to you is, if there is something you wanted that you haven’t achieved………. why haven’t you achieved it?

The answer is partly because you don’t want it badly enough.

The problem with most of us westerners is that we reach a certain point where we become comfortable. We think, oh this will do. I can put my feet up now. And you start coasting like a sail boat with no one in charge. The suns out, the waters are calm, and there is a nice gentle breeze to guide you on. Time to sit back and open a nice bottle of red. Because that’s what you THINK you want.

Are those storm clouds on the horizon? Ah, it’ll be ok. Think I’ll have a little snooze.

You know there are reefs around here don’t you?

It’ll be fine. Stop bothering me.


If you don’t have a plan, a roadmap as it were, then you are sailing randomly towards the rocks. Now the person in the boat next to you, he’s heading towards those same rocks………. but he sees them. He’s fighting like a bastard to change his course to steer round them. Because he knows what he wants. He knows where he is going. He sees the danger. Not only does he know what he wants, he knows what he DOESN’T want.

You laugh at him and sip champagne.

This is why so many people got their arses handed to them on a plate financially in 2001/2008. They listened to the wrong people and didn’t do a “worst case scenario” of their finances. They invested money in bubbles when every bubble from the dawn of time has popped.

They were coasting. You might say “but those people wanted more money, that’s why they invested. It’s not their fault the stock market tanked”.

Really? There were many people NOT invested, and they sailed through the financial storm unscathed. The latter knew what they wanted……… which means they knew what they wanted to AVOID. They wanted growth in funds with protection of capital. They saw the reef and protected themselves.

So I ask again, what do you want and what do you want to avoid?

The two go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other.

I merely ask the question.

And several years ago I wrote for myself a goal setting system that dealt with all this. This system eventually became my Mastermind alliance product

It constantly ceases to amaze me how few people have direction in their life. They don’t know where they are going, and they wouldn’t even know how to get there if they did. Is that how you want to live your life, because it’s not how I want to live mine?

Your life is what you make it.


By the way if anyone thinks that the financial situation of this country (and the rest of the world for that) is on the mend………. well I’ve got some shares in Enron to sell you.

This from Australia

Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, DRDP

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