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May you live in interesting times

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Hello again.

We have reached a point in our civilisation where government no longer works. Government has become ineffective, bloated and dangerous. The wheels move slowly and churn up anyone who is unfortunate to get in the way. The more government sticks its nose in, the more barriers there are to progress. More and more boxes have to be ticked, which means there are less and less people available to oil the wheels. Eventually, they will grind to a stop and we will look out at a society strangled to death with red tape.

It’s happened before. It will happen again.

It is my firm belief that there are 3 books everyone should read.

Atlas Shrugged by Ayrn Rand

This book explores the concept of what happens when government becomes a bloated bureaucratic nightmare, where progress is stifled and society collapses under the weight of red tape.

1984 by George Orwell

This book explores the final stages of totalitarian government. It shows how evil straw men are used to keep the population in fear and justify oppressive domination of the populace. It introduces us to the concept of Newspeak where the meaning of words are reversed to instil Cognitive Dissonance. Everyone is watched, and the truth is changed at the whim of a faceless official.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

This book explores the ultimate corporate dream. People are grown in vats to become wards of the state, brought up to believe that material goods are the centre of happiness and that emotional connection with other human beings is to be avoided at all costs.

Of course our present world is nothing like those three book, but we are starting to see snippets of their teachings emerging in our society. Here are two examples:

Bloated government

As an example of how ineffective government has become, we need only turn to that small hole a mile down in the Gulf of Mexico. The Governor of Louisiana has, for the last month been trying to get oil extraction barges sent out to the gulf to suck up the oil threatening the coast. The barges are there, the people to man them are there, but they are sat in port. The reason being that, even though the Governor is supposedly in charge of the state, he is powerless against a myriad of Federal agencies that keep stepping in the way to beat their chests and display their incompetence. The fishing and tourist industries of over 4 states are very close to being wiped out for the foreseeable future.

Corporate incompetence:

Allegedly (got to be careful about those lawyers now don’t we) it is reported that there were problems with the well head and the casing weeks before the explosion that killed eleven people and resulted in the worst environmental disaster the USA has ever seen. It is also alleged that BP knew of this problem, but actually cut corners and ignored basic safety controls that had been long established. Now we have millions of gallons of oil collecting in huge plumes under the surface of the Gulf killing the entire ecosystem. And the oil keeps coming, despite what you hear on the news. There are alleged reports that the drilling well casing is fractured a thousand feet below the sea floor, allowing the oil to escape through fissures in the sea bed…… miles away from where all BP’s cameras are.

There is a lesson here, our society needs to change. It no longer works to the benefit of the planet and mankind. Yes you can go to the computer store and buy the latest gadget, but you don’t really need one. We are manufacturing useless objects (that are NOT made to last) with an ever dwindling resource base. Despite seeing the truth of things in 2008 we are still trapped in the illusion of infinite growth. Spend spend spend is still the mantra that millions adhere to.

Buying things will not make you happy…… most people learn this eventually, even if it’s just subconsciously. And yet most of us still continue doing as we did before.

It’s a sign of madness. Our society is clinically insane

The slight challenge that has occurred in the gulf is due to us wasting resources. America consumes 25% of all the world’s oil. They live in huge suburbs which could not exist without the motor car, fuelled by cheap petrol. The fact that we are now trying to get oil from under a sea bed 5000 feet down shows how desperate we are getting to keep our madness going. Our society can only survive on cheap plentiful oil…..unfortunately we’ve used most of that up already. Now we are left with the hard to get, dangerous to extract stuff.

We therefore have 2 choices

We can revel in our madness and ride an inevitable collapse down into resource wars, totalitarianism, and societal break up

Or we can realise that now is the time to change, whilst we still can. And we are the ones who have to change. Government won’t, corporations won’t. We have to be the change we want to see in the world. We have to accept that infinite economic growth is not possible. We have to accept that some time in the future the oil will start to run out. We have to accept that it is better to take the pain now whilst we are still able to survive. That way we can come out stronger than ever.

Mine is not a message of doom and gloom. There is enough of that on the internet already. And I am not going to tell you what you should do. I am merely here to show you two paths. Which one we take I leave up to you.

It’s up to us. It’s up to you. If we do nothing, if we take the easy path of doing what we have always done, it’s highly likely that we may not be there to witness the consequences of out inaction. But our children will. And they will be far from pleased.

What kind of a legacy do we want to leave our children?

Warning – Opinions enclosed

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Hello again

It’s another week in austerity land, and our glorious leader (who has replaced the previous glorious leader) is asking for your opinions. Yes that’s right, they want to know what you THINK. It’s like a huge country wide version of that pointless programme “Question time”.

Your government would like you, the public to nominate laws and regulations they would like to see abolished. It’s all Radio 4 seem to be talking about at the moment, and it’s absolutely masterful.


Yes, masterful. The British public (especially the middle class) loves to chunter. We might not be any good at football, but boy can we tell you our opinions. Well here’s my mindless opinion………….. nothing will come of this.

It’s a smoke screen. It’s a way of saying “See, we are listening.” Yes they might alter one or two things to try and prove this exercise had a point, but no great changes will amount from this. It is simply a tool to divert your attention and give the media another means to tell you how to think.

You didn’t think this was being done for your benefit did you? Hell, I even found myself getting wrapped up in the spin…….. for about 5 minutes. But that’s the amazing thing about radios, they come with off buttons. If only we used them more often. Now how’s that for an opinion?

You see, we are about to enter a very difficult period in the history of this country. If you think the public spending cuts being proposed are harsh, well you aint seen nothing yet. These are just the appetisers, mere canapés. The main course arrives next year.

For a while there, I actually thought the government was going to try and hyperinflate away our debt. But with billions being pulled from public spending, and banks still refusing to lend, the numbers show we are heading in the opposite direction. That’s not my opinion by the way, just the opinion of someone else who claims to know how to read the numbers.

Deflation seems to be where we are heading. And that’s fine if you haven’t got any debt or don’t own any assets, because with deflation, cash is king.

Could I be wrong here? Hell yes. I’m wrong all the time. And it would be nice to imagine that the economy can tick over as it has been, but that isn’t going to happen, not in the short term. In the short term, millions will be made unemployed, the economy will shrink and your public services will suffer. I know this because it said so on Radio 4 yesterday ………….. erm, hang on.

I know that opinion sounds bad, but it’s better than the alternative. Inflating and debasing the currency would have been a disaster…. in someone else’s opinion. It would have been like trying to cure an alcoholic by getting him drunk. Our debt must be repaid before it gets too big to service. If it gets too big to service, we go into default, and then the currency goes down the toilet….. along with any and all of your wealth. And think of the opinions the population would have about that.

As an example, just do a bit of research into what happened in Argentina. The middle class were destroyed. At least in deflation there will be a middle class left in this country.

Does this mean I agree with the Tory spending cuts? No! I don’t think they are cutting enough, and where they are cutting is in the wrong places. But then that statement is based on my opinions…… most of which aren’t actually mine. They were “borrowed” from the minds of others and lumped together into something I claim to be mine. My knowledge of economics is limited, so really, how the hell can I have an opinion that is actually valid?

I can’t. And that’s the point that most people don’t realise. Most of our opinions are meaningless. But then, that’s just my opinion.

Ok, ok, enough. I hope you see what I am trying to do here. I am merely trying to point out that most of our opinions aren’t actually ours. They were given to use by someone or something. Now ask me how to do a composite, that’s something I can have a valid opinion on. Why? Because it’s my field of expertise and I do them daily. But ask me about Climate Gate or whether I should be using plastic bags for my shopping and really have no idea. Whatever I say would merely be a guess based on the information I have collected over the years.

And my opinions change constantly. What about yours?

One of my opinions that has not changed is my belief in the importance of systems in business. I know I’m preaching to the converted (I know because my records show that most of the people reading this have bought my Practice Systems Templates, and in 5 years only 1 person has ever asked for their money back), but systemisation is key to the smooth running of your practice. Yes you can still make money without them, and yes you can still enjoy dentistry, but systems make things so much easier.

But why make things more difficult for yourself? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

Keep smiling


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Hello again

As you may be aware, the CQC will soon descend upon us. Unfortunately for you lot, I have a small problem with the CQC. Whilst I admire the idea logic behind protecting the public, the CQC in my eyes is not about protection, Quangos never are. It is about increasing the power of government and those connected to government, whilst tightening the regulatory noose around the neck of the profession even further. I say government, I doubt those we elected actually know what is going on. The wheels of the civil service are just rolling on from the last administration regardless. I would like to think that the present administration would stop this juggernaut in its tracks if it new the truth.

You have to remember, this isn’t just us this is happening to. Virtually every industry is having regulation after regulation dumped on it from a great height. And I don’t even blame the CQC. From where I’m standing, they are as much a victim as anyone here. They have been tasked with something they are ill prepared for, and have little in the way of understanding about what dentistry actually entails. Much of the problems that will arise will do so because they don’t understand what it is exactly that we do, but the registration rolls out regardless. They, in their eyes, have a job to do and the growing aggression and resentment from the profession will only harden their stance. And they haven’t even gotten to the doctors yet.

However, with that being said, there is something you have to remember. The government doesn’t care about you, it only cares about itself. It only cares about feathering it’s own nest and about justifying itself by exerting more and more control to counter perceived threats.

And despite my mention of growing aggression from the profession, really most of us do nothing. We bend over and take it. Some of even ask for more.

But let us for a moment look at the big picture. There are 600 people who are signed up to this website, most of them being dentists. And I am talking to you all when I ask the following question.

What kind of a country do you want your children to grow up in? Do you want a country where they are free to speak their minds, to express their ideas, to go about their business with the minimum hassle from government pen pushers and their lackeys? Or do you want them tagged, monitored, cowed and conformative, where they dread the day agents of the state nock on their door and say “Citizen, your papers please”?

Which do you want? Because now it’s time to choose. Yes that’s right, you have a choice in the matter. You can bow down to the CQC and let them descend upon you twice a year like locusts, or you can tell them NOW that their regulation is not needed. You can let them know what you think, they are after all inviting you to do this. So have you? Have you been to their website and told them what you think, given them your ideas?  They have aafter all ASKED you to do just this.

So here is a proposed action plan:

  • Write to your MP and tell him/her that the CQC is unwanted, dangerous to the public unless it is properly run and an unnecessary burden
  • Contact Tony Jacobs at tony@jacobs.net who wants a list of names to go along with a letter to the editor of one of the big newspapers.
  • Read the Health and Social Care Act 2008
  • Take their issued guidance and ask for them to send you a copy in a form of English you can understand. It is incomprehensible.
  • Research what they are proposing. Does it breach anti competition rules? Does it breach the EU human rights legislation?
  • Write to the head of the CQC and tell them that much of their proposed regulations are already covered by our existing regulator the GDC. Ask for clarification on whatever points you do not like.
  • Write the GDC and tell them the same.
  • Go onto the CQC website and engage them in their consultations.
  • Go to the upcoming meetings and ask the CQC representatives questions.
  • Write to the newspapers, to Private Eye, and let them know that the CQC are a risk to the public and will reduce access to dentistry.
  • Write to the BDA and insist they do more to counter the CQC or you will cancel your membership

Or you can sit on your hands, and moan into your beer in a years time

And now here is your warning. The proposed actions, if done as an individual will put a big spotlight on you, and you do them at your own risk (see the disclaimer for this website). You will be noticed. Files may well be opened on you, and you may come under scrutiny. You may even go to the first in the line when it comes to inspections and investigation. Men in overcoats and hats may follow you down the street when you pop for a chip butty (ok, ok, that won’t happen). Who can say? What I can say is that sitting on your hands doing nothing is the safer, and easier option….. at least for you, at least initially. But what about your children? What about ten years from now when there are two more regulatory bodies just as damaging, just as unwarranted and just as expensive? When the regulation affects other aspects of your life and the life of those around you.

“Oh come off it Steve, the CQC are hardly the Stasi”.

No they aren’t. Most of the people working there are decent, honest individuals who are just trying to make their way through life (as evidenced by the low satisfaction ratings people have with working for the CQC). They are not the Stasi, the KGB or the CIA. They are, to some however, a symbol.

A symbol?

A symbol of what this country has become. A symbol of where this country is going. It is a symbol of where you as an individual can make a stand, now, in this instant. A stand for yourself, a stand for those around you, a stand for your children. As an individual your stand will feel meaningless, an ant against a Lion.

But together, your voices will be heard, and the Lion will run. You will be able to shout from the rooftops and hear the quivering of those in power. They do not care if you stand alone. They do mind if you stand on masse, if you shine a spotlight on the darkness of their proposals.

Together we can bring some sanity to this and send a message that this tightening of the noose stops NOW. You send a message that you have had ENOUGH. Yes the CQC might get through, but at the very least your legal, non-violent rebellion will instigate concessions, and give them pause. It will make them think “if this is the rejection we get from the dentists…………”

Now some of you won’t see what all the fuss is about. Some of you won’t have a problem with the CQC or what they represent. Some of you may even see it as a good thing. Perhaps it is, who am I to say otherwise?

And you know what, I have no challenge with that. If that is your belief then I respect it.

If however you feel in your heart what i feel, if you see with your eyes what I see, then how can you roll onto your back and expose your belly? How can you look yourself in the mirror knowing what you know?

Fear is no longer an excuse. Fear is their weapon, their power. I no longer care. The choice is yours. You have a moral right, no a moral duty to act with your beliefs. What does you heart say? Find out and act accordingly.

Yours in commerce

Stephen: Hudson the authorised representative for the legal fiction Dr Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, DRDP


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Hello again

What follows is a theory, nothing more. Like most theories it will be flawed, biased and possibly completely wrong. That being said……….

Some of you may have noticed that the government have gone a tad bonkers recently with regards to regulation of the Dental profession. What with the CQC, HTM01-05 and the proposed GDC appraisal and revalidation stuff, there are whole forests being cut down just to supply the paper. Unfortunately it’s not just dentistry that this has been happening in. It’s been happening pretty much throughout all aspects of society. People, it seems, feel lucky if they have chance to draw breath.

Which is exactly how the powers that be (TPTB) want it in some peoples opinions. You see, any government that exists today has one primary purpose.

To control the masses and increase its power base.

And it cannot do this if the middle classes are unafraid and questioning TPTB’s every action. So to avoid this, TPTB put everyone on the back foot by passing wave after wave of regulation, legislation and endless box ticking laws. Oh sure, this creates dissent, but said dissent is fractured, coming from thousands of different perspectives. It is thus ineffective. And because it’s ineffective, many of those who are trapped in this tick box merry go round find themselves overwhelmed with hopelessness and indifference. They stop fighting back. At the same time, whole companies emerge to expand on and entrench the bureaucratic culture, creating a whole new way of speaking and thinking.

TPTB want a prosperous middle class, but only so that they can be financially milked for every last drop. And they don’t want them so prosperous that they no longer have to work. We need those cogs in the system turning smoothly, and that doesn’t happen if Mr Jones has enough money in the bank that he no longer has to get into work every Monday morning.

Don’t forget it’s the middle class who run things. The elite make the policy and control the true wealth, but they need the middle class to tell everyone else what to do. So the middle class work, sucked into a debt trap of buying mindless trinkets that keeps them 3 pay cheques away from homelessness. TPTB of course also need the middle class to behave themselves. We can’t go having anymore of those pesky fuel protests or Poll Tax riots now can we? So they play a very cunning balancing game of squeezing the middle class (and the so called lower classes) just hard enough. Squeeze too hard and the Molotov’s start flying. Don’t squeeze hard enough and the Middle classes start getting ideas above their station. Can’t have that now can we.

You see, what you probably don’t know is that the elite FEAR the middle class. They always have. If they could do without them they would. Why? Because the majority of revolutions have been down to the middle classes of the time. And revolutions usually occur in times of great “novelty” (to quote Terrence McKenna). We are now in a time of immense novelty. Anyone who thinks the economy is recovering, needs just walk down the local high street to see all the “Business to let” signs. Think employment will recover anytime soon, with government making 25% cuts across the board?

So they put a leash on the middle classes by passing so many regulations their heads don’t stop spinning. They can’t stop working because they have bills to pay. They can’t not tick the boxes because there is no common sense anymore, no sanity and a failure to comply with the latest diktat can produce harsh financial penalties, even prison. This makes the populous reactive instead of proactive, and thus they dwell in a climate of constant, bubbling fear. But if you buy this new Kitchen, with no payments until next October, you may be able to briefly suppress the cognitive dissonance forming in your brain under an illusion of democracy and prosperity.

I’m not specifically talking about this country by the way. It’s pretty much EVERY country. And most of the people in power don’t even realise that this is how the system works. Many of them go into politics with the most sincere intentions, only to be warped by the evil of the bankrupt system.

And have you noticed how the regulations increase in number and scope as the years have progressed. I put this down to the rise of the internet, which over the last 10 years has changed everything. You can access multiple streams of information about any topic you want. You can gamble in numerous ways from the comfort of your own armchair, sprout your opinions to the world via blogs and now anyone can run their own business from a cheap website that takes less than a day to set up. That is the game changer. The ability for ANYONE to replace their job with income from the internet probably scares TPTB rigid, so they try and distract and overwhelm us by shovelling another steaming pile onto the manure we are already carrying around on our shoulders. But still those pesky Serfs still manage to keep on escaping the pull of the systems financial noose.

“What, you mean the lower classes have found a revenue stream that makes them money……. whilst they are asleep. Something has to be done about this!”

So what the heck am I waffling about today? Well i am certainly NOT giving you financial advice. Anything and EVERYTHING in this newsletter is for entertainment purposes only. Anyone who takes advice from me seriously needs to seek the advice of a good psychiatrist.

If you remember from the last newsletter, it is my contention that you should not partake in the “material goods” nonsense that has infected our society. Many will argue with me, and they are right to because who the hell am I after all? It’s just that buying crap you don’t need in the vain attempt to somehow gain happiness is a pointless exercise in my opinion….especially when that something will probably be broke and on the local tip within 3 years. At the very least, if you buy something it should be with money you have, not credit cards and loans. So if you want a new Kitchen, save up for it. Better still, keep the old kitchen and put the money in your Freedom fund (this is the money you save or invest that will one day allow you to work because you WANT to not because you HAVE to).

But where money is concerned, there are two key factors to building up the freedom fund. Spending less, and earning MORE (yes, you will have to pay more tax, but that is only really an issue when you haven’t saved enough to cover it). By earning more, you speed up the accumulation of your freedom fund. So go on eBay and sell your unwanted bits and bobs. Set up a blog with affiliate links that pay you when someone clicks through them to purchase. Hell, sell your own product online. It’s not hard. If I can do it, ANYONE can. But this way, you earn income whilst you are asleep, instead of being limited to the hours you spend in your surgery, thus uncapping your potential.

Spend less, earn more. Get out of debt and realise that happiness is rarely found in a shopping centre or a car showroom.

Happiness comes from inside, from knowing who you are. When you know where you are going, you don’t feel that strange temptation to buy stuff to distract your from the fear that you might be lost.

Nuff said.

See you soon for more mindless twaddle :)