I am sure you will agree, being a dentist is rather challenging at the moment.  But despite what you might think, it’s not all doom and gloom, in fact technologically, things have never been better.

Unfortunately, there are still too many of us who no longer enjoy the job, and who are living lives of quiet desperation.

That’s why this book was written.  It is an amalgamation of thoughts and ideas on some of the top names in the UK dental field.  Their insight may go some way to helping you out of the darkness and into the light.


Co-Authors in this book

  • Amin Aminian – How to keep patients happy
  • Chris Barrow – The Future of UK Dentistry
  • Natalie Bradley – The community Dental Services
  • Finbar Francis Bryson – Successful Endodontics
  • Colin Campbell – Lessons from his GDC case
  • Andrew Chandrapal – The Pitfalls of Cosmetic treatment
  • Thomas Coates – How to sell a dental practice
  • Ian Dunn – Avoiding problems in Periodontology
  • Barry Glassman – Occlusion
  • André Haigh – The Montgomery legal ruling
  • Keith Hayes – The future of Dental Regulation
  • Victoria Holden – Surviving GDC fitness to Practice proceedings
  • Stephen Hudson – Developing your Plan B
  • Pav Khaira – Finding your WHY
  • Tony Kilcoyne – Dealing with the Media
  • Ashley Latter – Building Rapport
  • Peter Loveday – Emigrating
  • Tej Mell – Surviving practice ownership
  • Elaine Mo – Tips for young dentists
  • Barry J Oulton – Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Kevin Rose – Building Trust
  • Affan Saghir – Motivating yourself
  • Dhru Ratilal Shah – Reducing risk
  • Harry Singh – Achieving Financial Freedom
  • Simon Thackeray – Humility
  • Simon Tucker – Leaving the NHS
  • Monik Vasant – Strive
  • Michael Young – The role of the Expert Witness

As stated on the book, 25{5967c1c62f4ef8b7b412a831d8b156a63c78c639bcf63a7eb2a79bf93ffc16c4} of all profits will be donated to charity (Presently this is the Dentinal Tubules Educational Foundation, bringing education to deprived communities).


OK Steve, so How do I buy the book?

It’s reassuringly easy and the book is in two formats:

To buy for £9.99 on  Amazon Kindle follow the link from the Kindle Button below.

Paperback also available through Amazon