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ACAS Success through people

ACAS tackling absence problems

ACAS Right to apply for flexible working

ACAS recruitment and induction

ACAS paying employees

ACAS pay systems

ACAS Parents at work

ACAS Managing attendance employee turnover

ACAS job evaluation considerations risks accessible

ACAS how to manage performance

ACAS Holidays and Holiday Pay

ACAS Guide on discipline and grievances

ACAS Flexible working and work-life balance

ACAS Employing people a handbook for small firms accessible version

ACAS Employee communications consultation

ACAS Controlling Employee Turnover

ACAS communicating with your employees

ACAS Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures

ACAS – Rights At Work



BSSPD Complete and Partial Denture Guidelines

BSSPD Prosthetic Dentistry Glossary

BSSPD Guidelines in Prosthetic and Implant Dentistry



CQC Statutory notifications 2012

CQC statement of purpose template 1

CQC Registration regs 2009

CQC guidance on compliance

CQC essential standards of quality and safety

CQC safeguarding statement

CQC Guidance for providers on meeting the regulations final


Department of Health

DH Choosing Health

DH Listening responding improving advice sheet 1

DH Safer management controlled drugs Guidance strengthened governance arrangements 2007

DH Safer management of controlled drugs Guidance on standard operating procedures for controlled drugs 2007

DH Secretary of State Directions on work to tackle violence against staff and professionals

DH Seeking Consent working with children 2001

DH The Caldicott Guardian Manual 2006

DH The Healthcare Professionals Alert Notices Directions 2006

DH Reference guide to consent for examination or treatment

DH Restorative complexity assessment

DH Code of Practice for health and adult social care on the prevention and control of infections

DH Child Protection safeguarding Children checklist

DH Child protection record of facial injury

DH Child protection question prompts

DH Child Protection flow chart

DH Child protection and the dental team

DH Child protection letter to health visitor

DH Code of practice for international recruitment of healthcare professionals

DH Good practice in consent achieving the NHS plan commitment to patient centred consent

DH healthy lives brighter future

DH Human Rights in Healthcare

DH Independence Choice and Risk A Framework for Supported Decision Making 2007

DH Information Security Management NHS Code of Practice


DH Listening responding improving a guide to better customer care

DH confidentiality NHS code of practice

DH delivering better oral health

DH Listening responding improving advice sheet 2

DH Listening responding improving advice sheet 3

DH Mental Health Act Code of Practice 2007

DH NHS Information Governance Guidance on Legal and Professional Obligations 2007

DH Real involvement working with people to improve services

DH Records management NHS code of practice part 1

DH Records Management part 1

DH Records Management part 2

DH Listening responding improving advice sheet 1

DH A professional approach to managing security in the NHS 2003

DH UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy 2011

DH Records management NHS code of practice part 2

DH No Secrets 2000



DPL Consent

DPL MediaGuide

DPL Referral to GDC

DPL Second Opinions

DPL Complaint Handling

DPL Complaint Handling England

DPL Confidentiality




ESE Undergraduate Curriculum

ESE Accreditation Postgraduate Specialist Training

ESE Quality Guidelines for Endodontic treatment


GDC ComplaintsHandling

GDC PatientConfidentiality

GDC PatientConsent

GDC Scope of practice

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HMG CRB Code of Practice 2009

HMG Data protection act 1998

HMG Disability Discrimination Act 2005

HMG Equality Act 2012

HMG Every Child Matters

HMG Freedom of Infomration Act

HMG HTM 0105

HMG HTM_01-05_2013

HMG Protection of Vulnerable Adults 2004

HMG Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006

HMG The Local Authority Social Services and National Health

HMG The misuse of drugs regulations 2001

HMG valuing people a new strategy for people with learning difficulties

HMG valuing people now

HMG local self assessment audit for assessing implementation of htm 01-05

HMG Medicines act

HMG Mental Capacity Act 2005 Code of Practice



HSE Maintaining portable electric equipment in low risk environments

HSE preventing workplace harassment

HSE Report of a case of disease

HSE Report of an injury or dangerous occurrence

HSE Reporting accidents

HSE Report of a flammable gas incident

HSE five steps to risk assessment

HSE Health and safety made simple

HSE Legionnaires Disease The control of legionella bacteria in water systems approved code of practice and guidance 2000

HSE sharps

HSE what you need to know



ICO Data Sharing Code of Practice

ICO Employment codes of practice

ICO Personal information online 2011



Health and scoial care act 2008

Dentist act 1984

The Health and Social Care Act 2008 Regulations 2014



MHRA Guidance on the safe use of lasers intense light source systems and LEDs 2008

MHRA Single use Medical Devices Implications and Consequences of Reuse 2006

MRHA reporting faulty medical

MRHA Shocking Trips

MRHA Single use medical devices

MRHA Top tips poster Laser IPL and LED

MRHA Devices in practice

MRHA reporting adverse incidents



National specifications cleanliness NHS setting measuring performance

NHS Complaints and Claims Policy and Procedure 2011

NHS Assuring the Quality of Medical Appraisal July 2005 a report published by the NHS Clinical

NHS Criminal record checks

NHS Employment history and refernce checks

NHS promoting safer and therapeutic services October 2005

NHS Verification of identity checks

NHS constitution march 2012

NHS Constitution Update

NHSIA Business Continuity Manual



NICE dental recall guidance

NICE Guidelines – ABC prophylaxis against infective endocarditis March 2008

NICE Guidelines Principles of best practice in Clinical Audit 2002

NICE sedation in children



NPSA Being Open Alert 2009

NPSA Being Open supporting info

NPSA High Hazards

NPSA national framework for reporting and learning from serious incidents

NPSA putting patient safety first

NPSA seven steps to patient safety

NPSA alert 18 anticoagulant



RC Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Standards for clinical practice and training 2004

RC Resuscitation guidelines 2010



RCS Diagnosis, prevention and Management of Dental Erosion

RCS Management of Temporomandibular disorders

RCS The Oral Management of Oncology patients

RCS NHS Implant guidelines

RCS Restorative Dentistry needs complexity assessment

RCS Surgical Endodontics Guideline

BSRD Crown and Bridge Guidelines


The rest

BMA principles for sharing electronic records

BDA Model Data Protection Code of Practice for patients

Child protection Record of significant event

Disability Discrimination Self Audit Checklist

DTI Maternity rights

EHRC Guide to the public sector equalities duties 2009

Electrical installation condition report

GMC Preparing for the introduction of Revalidation

GPC Safeguarding Children and Young People

Healzone for the treatment of tooth decay

NRPB Guidance notes for Dental Practitoners Xrays

NSPCC Safeguarding Children Young People A Toolkit for General Practice

OFT Dentistry market study

OPG Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Procedures and Guidance

PHSO Making a complaint about the NHS leaflet

PHSO The Principles of Good Complaint Handling 2009

RCS standards for conscious sedation in dentistry

RPS safe and secure handling meds

Warfarin guidancer poster

warfarin 4th edition

Wisdom tooth guidance NICE


From across the pond

AAP Development of a Classification System for Periodontal Diseases and Conditions (1999)

AAP Bone Augmentation Techniques (2007)

AAP Diabetes Mellitus and Periodontal Diseases (2006)

AAP Lasers in Periodontics (2006)

AAP Temporary Anchorage Devices for Tooth Movement (2006)

AAP Parameter on Comprehensive Periodontal Examination

AAP Parameter on Periodontal Maintenance

AAP Parameter on Plaque-Induced Gingivitis

AAP Parameter on Chronic Periodontitis with Slight to Moderate Loss of Periodontal Support

AAP Parameter on Chronic Periodontitis with Advanced Loss of Periodontal Support

AAP Parameter on “Refractory” Periodontitis

AAP Parameter on Mucogingival Conditions

AAP Parameter on Acute Periodontal Diseases

AAP Parameter on Aggressive Periodontitis

AAP Parameter on Placement and Management of the Dental Implant

AAP Parameter on Occlusal Traumatism in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis

AAP Parameter on Periodontitis Associated with Systemic Conditions

AAP Parameter on Systemic Conditions Affected by Periodontal Diseases

AAP Dental Implants in Periodontal Therapy (2000)

AAP Diagnosis of Periodontal Diseases (2003)

AAP Drug-Associated Gingival Enlargement (2004)

AAP Epidemiology of Periodontal Diseases (2005)

AAP Implications of Genetic Technology for the Management of Periodontal Diseases (2005)

AAP Modulation of the Host Response in Periodontal Therapy (2002)

AAP Oral Features of Mucocutaneous Disorders (2003)

AAP Oral Reconstructive and Corrective Considerations in Periodontal Therapy (2005)

AAP The Pathogenesis of Periodontal Diseases (1999)

AAP Periodontal Diseases of Children and Adolescents (2003)

AAP Periodontal Maintenance (2003)

AAP Periodontal Regeneration (2005)

AAP The Role of Supra- and Subgingival Irrigation in the Treatment of Periodontal Diseases (2005)

AAP Systemic Antibiotics in Periodontics (2005)

AAP Tissue Banking of Bone Allografts Used in Periodontal Regeneration (2001)

AAP Tobacco Use and the Periodontal Patient (1999)

AAP Treatment of Plaque-Induced Gingivitis, Chronic Periodontitis, and Other Clinical Conditions (2001)

AAP Comprehensive Periodontal Therapy (2010)

AAP The Efficacy of Lasers in the Non-surgical Treatment of Inflammatory Periodontal Disease (2011)

AAP Gingival Curettage (2002)

AAP Local Delivery of Sustained or Controlled Release Antimicrobials as Adjunctive Therapy in the Treatment of Periodontitis (2006)

AAP Peri-Implant Mucositis and Peri-Implantitis: A Current Understanding of Their Diagnoses and Clinical Implications (2013)

AAP Periodontal Management of the Pregnant Patient (2004)

AAP Periostat® as an Adjunct to Scaling and Root Planing (2000)

AAP Risk Assessment (2008)

AAP Tooth Extraction During Periodontal Therapy (2003)

AAP Use of Moderate Sedation by Periodontists (2013)