By 6 March, 2019Members

It’s clear to me that most people you meet at their place of work are just going through the motions.  They wake up, groan, do their ablutions, have breakfast, moan, wander to work in some zombie-like trance where the lips never seem to move from anything from a frown.  They OD on caffeine, enter the job they hate and do as little as possible whilst they are there.  They engage in office politics to try and “spice things up”, cause their boss varying levels of grief, and then come home with that same dour expression.  This then repeats up the pyramid through the various levels of company hierarchy, till you get a company that can’t actually deliver any kind of meaningful customer service to its customers.

At their abode, these people then take no action to improve their lot and then blame society for the state of their lives.  They didn’t bother to take that evening course, learn that skill, read that book…but they can tell you exactly what is happening on the latest reality TV show.  But of course none of that is their fault because remember, when there is a blame there is a claim.

I see this every Thursday when I travel to Leeds.  Thousands of people miserable and dejected.  On the rare event you catch someone’s eye, their soul seems absent, a vast wasteland of lost potential present where happiness should be.  Working five days to somehow live one and a half.

Everyone has potential, most people waste theirs.

Let’s look at dentists as a classic example.  Nearly twenty years ago, Chris Barrow stood in front of a room of two hundred dentists and asked how many of them enjoyed their jobs.  Less than twenty per cent said they did.  That’s one in five.

Any different now?  Probably not if Fakebook is anything to go by.  There are so many of you living lives of quiet desperation, trapped in surgeries you don’t like with patients you don’t have any kind of rapport with doing dentistry you hate.  Where is the satisfaction?  Where is the joy?

And it’s not all dentists thank whatever God you pray to.  Some take action, forge ahead, make the changes needed to get to where they want to be.  But so many more don’t.  Instead, they blame the contract, the principal, the system, the BDA and the goddamn shape-shifting space lizards instead of pointing the finger as to the true culprit for their difficulties…the face in the mirror.


What one thing can you do, right now, to make your life better as a dentist?  You know the answer, it’s there, staring you in the face.  So why haven’t you taken action on that?





If you want a better life, there is only one person who can deliver that to you.  So what’s stopping you?  If you don’t like the UDA system, why are you still working in it?  If you don’t like the practice you work at, why are you still there?  If you aren’t happy with the amount of money you earn, why aren’t you earning more?  If you are treating the wrong type of patients, why is that?

As much as you don’t like the answer, there is only one.  I’ll not spell it out.

If you want change, it has to start with you.


Just a thought :)