Filling the void

This blog is filled with flawed views and biased opinions. I’m probably wrong in what I have to say more than I am right. You can scream and shout at what I have written, but when you do, please refer to the first sentence. I’m generalising, from my own perspective, which in no way reflects your life at the moment. It also in no way should be considered advice, either financial, legal, or any other aspect.

In other words, don’t believe a word I say :)

You might have noticed there is a virus out there, the newspapers even mention it occasionally. Daily we are told how many people have died, without mentioning that so far this year 500,000 people have died of malaria, and 1.2 million people have died of HIV/AIDS. The more data I look at, the more people in the field of infectious disease I encounter online, the more I feel our response to this has been a tad of an exaggeration. We are told to stay at home to “save the NHS”, but you can’t save the NHS if the country is bankrupt. The NHS is funded through tax revenue and borrowing. Tax revenue is going to fall through the floor, and the weakened economy and increased emergency borrowing will hit the country’s credit rating…meaning it will be more difficult and more expensive to borrow money in the future. And that’s important because, in the UK, there are 350,000 people every year who require expensive cancer treatment and 7.6 million people with cardiovascular disease who need medication and constant care. If the funding to the NHS is hit due to firebombing the economy, those people will be hit the hardest.

From an economic standpoint, J-value assessment (used to calculate the value of a human life v risk v economic cost of mitigation), suggests that drop in GDP >6.5% will result in poverty and greater mortality than SARS-CoV-2. That basically means after a certain point the cure becomes more lethal than the disease

*For those reading this outside the UK, the NHS is our state-funded National Health Service.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today ;)


For those of you stuck at home, you will be in four camps:

  • Bored out of your mind and itching to get back to work because you miss the job
  • Desperate to replenish your rapidly depleting savings and itching to get back to work, not because you enjoy the job but because you need the money.
  • Stuck at home with a violent and abusive partner, or stuck alone with a violent and abusive mind
  • Loving every second of it


Category 1

If you are in this category, you can be assured that you have found your vocation in life. This lockdown will pass and you will soon be back at your passion. Some of you work from home, and for you it’s just another day to you. Surprisingly there won’t be that many of you.

Category 2

If you are in category number two, this is an opportunity to re-evaluate your situation. Everybody is where they are because of different choices and circumstance.

  • Some in this category drive fast cars and live in plush houses, but only through pushing what they earnt to the very limit. You overreached yourself, probably through the use of bad debt, and now you have been given a wakeup call. This is not me being judgemental, and this is perhaps life giving you an opportunity to alter your thinking.
  • Some in this category were already living on the breadline. Their expenses rose every year whilst the wage they earnt barely seemed to nudge higher. You felt ground down by the system, and some of you feel resentful at those who put you in this position. The veil of society has been lifted for you and more than ever you can see the challenges with exchanging your time for a fixed wage. IN this lock down, now is the time to go on YouTube and watch every video you can on wealth creation. To go on Amazon and get every book you can find (most of them can be found on Kindle Unlimited which allows you to get as many books as you can read for a modest monthly fee).
  • Some in this category were unfortunate. They were doing everything right, but they were in the middle of a business acquisition, or relying on money from investments.

Category 3

There are institutions and charities out there to help. Only you can say when it is right for you to safely contact these agencies.

Category 4

Here we have who this blog is aimed at. You are sat at home, free from the need to go into work every day. You have realised something, that so few people get a chance to see. Likely you don’t have financial worries because you have enough set aside. This has allowed you to wake up and smell the roses.

You’ve suddenly found the urge to write a book, take up exercise, play an instrument, learn a language, or rekindle a relationship. Whereas some parents are pulling their hair out at having their kids at home constantly, for you this is the best time. There’s no rush, no pressure, no need to do anything you don’t want to.

You aren’t bored because your life has suddenly filled with the joy of doing what you want to rather than what you have to. The 9-5 grind always wore you down, and now you find yourself smiling more, sitting out in the sunshine and just relishing this time.

When I told people I had sold my practice and was taking time off, invariably a question would crop up…”but what do you do with your time?” We are so trapped in the sleep, eat, work, eat, sleep routine that so many of us can’t see past it.

You are the awakened ones, who positioned yourselves either deliberately or by chance to stay in the eye of the hurricane. There are more of you than you think. There are also some of you in category 2, if only they had the funds to really enjoy it.

Because that’s what you are doing. You are enjoying life in a way that brings joy to your heart. When this is over, you are going to have a very different outlook on things.


There are some with a conspiracy mindset who say this is all a plot to bring in New World Order so that we will be forced to serve our “Reptilian Overlords”. But what if it’s the exact opposite. What if we are being given a moment to witness a different side of life, where those who are ready can step forwards and remove themselves from the materialistic, debt-ridden consumer society that has driven most of us to despair and unhappiness. We are dopamine addicts, driven by our need for significance, buying things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t even know.

Now you know we don’t need to live like that anymore.

  • What good is that £70K car if you can only drive it to the supermarket?
  • What good is that house with seven bedrooms if you only use two of them?
  • What use is that watch that took two month’s wages to buy when you can’t go out anywhere to wear it?
  • What purpose does that family beach home serve if you can’t even get to it?


And for those in business this will be the best and the worst of times. Some it will drive to financial ruin, but for others this will be the opportunity of a lifetime. We are now in a buyer’s market, for everything, and that will last for months afterwards.

The rules have changed. So you have to change too.


That’s the way it looks from here