Hey look I own a Ferrari

By 21 May, 2019Members

Some more mindless drivel for you.  Sorry, it’s been a while, but I have been concentrating on my latest fiction project which I have nearly completed.

It is becoming more and more evident that social media is toxic to a lot of people.  Not only is it now being censored by huge multinationals in favour of the left of politics (which will cause huge problems in the long run) it is also now a place for you to compare your life to others.  You log on and see the pictures of some “friends” gleaming new car, the holiday snaps, their night out and their constant parade of selfies proclaiming the glorious life they are leading.  The temptation is to compare yourself to these individuals, not knowing the inner turmoil and struggles that are likely occurring within their souls.

If you were ever foolish enough to seek my advice, I would say you should never compare yourself to someone else if you wish to remain healthy.  Instead, try comparing yourself to who you could become.

Look, I don’t really care what car you drive, the house you live in or how many Rolex’s you have.  Have at it if that’s what your ego wants to spend its money on.  I’m old enough that the post with someone with his new [INSERT RANDOM DOODAD] on display means nothing to me.  In fact, often it makes me sad in that I can pretty much instantly tell how much money that individual LOST by not investing that money instead.

Admittedly, my brain is a bit weird.

Yeah Steve, but you can’t take it with you.  True, but by spending it all you also can’t get to a position (at least not easily) where your investments allow you to work because you want to, not because you have to.

Flash cars, electronic trinkets and holiday homes are not displays of wealth, but they can give the illusion that the individual is wealthy.  Why anyone would think anyone actually cares is beyond me, but there are still some who like to parade their purchases and their achievements on the various social media platforms.  This will create several reactions, based on what part of the planet you come from

  • Apathy
  • Envy
  • Inspiration
  • Anger

And there is a problem with all that

We live in a country riddled with lawyers.  Lawyers only survive when there is a steady inflow of cash, and a good way for them to achieve this is by promoting the belief that you can sue an individual for a perceived wrong.  The judicial system backs this up and actually aids in this belief by penalising defendants who don’t settle (should they lose the case at trial).

The thing is, lawyers will only go after you if you have money.  If you are on benefits living on a council estate, there is little point engaging in litigation because you just won’t have the money to pay for any judgement against you.

Have you guessed what I’m trying to get at yet?

Open displays of wealth (even if that “wealth” is paid for by a vast amount of debt) can attract the worst of humanity into your life.  Envy is a powerful emotion, and I certainly wouldn’t want to attract that into my life.  In this litigious society, being seen to have money is a dangerous game that can cost you dearly.  I’ll not even mention the risks of crime.

The Americans learnt this the hard way.  If you read the book “The millionaire next door” they showed that the average US millionaire lives a very outwardly frugal life without blatant displays of wealth.  It acts as a form of self-protection.

So if you were again to be hat stand enough to ask my flawed advice, I would perhaps suggest that you should keep your life off social media, and just live it instead.  Unless of course, you are posting amusing cat videos, because you can’t go wrong with that.

Just a thought