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On my home computer, I have over 250 PDF’s saved in a folder. This represents most of (by no means all) the rules and regulations dentists are expected to comply with.

More folders are being added as I comply with GDPR. Just the very fact that I have a mailing list of people willing to subscribe to my drivel means I have to go down that rabbit hole.

And it won’t stop with GDPR.
Next year it will be another law (data protection bill anyone)
And another
And then another

They will come at you like an avalanche, unstoppable, unforgiving.
If you think things will get better from here on out, you are mistaken. Even if we do leave via Brexit, the downpour of rules will continue.

The large corporations will just swallow this up and comply because they can afford whole office blocks of lawyers and compliance officers to meet the requirements. The little man, the small company that employs the majority of the people, will be swamped.

Let me tell you why I think this is.

– I believe the big corporations, to a degree, use their lobbying power to bring in this shite to stifle their smaller competition.
– I believe that politicians won’t let a good crisis go to waste.
– I believe this steady march of bureaucracy will either destroy the competitiveness of our economy or worse still, lead to civil unrest and insurrection.
– As an added bonus, it will squeeze you out of delivering NHS care

There is only so much people can take. There is only so much “computer says no” before the backbone of our civility starts to falter. If I had children I would be insisting they learn either Mandarin or Cantonese because that is where the centre of the world’s economy is heading. At the moment, they don’t have to deal with a tenth of this stuff.

We are being regulated to death, and it’s only going to get worse. And if you own a practice, there is only one way you can survive this and keep your sanity….go private. It is inevitable that you will need to employ people to fill the void of compliance, and there are two people who can pay for it. Your patients, or your family. On the NHS you won’t be able to pass these increased costs onto the customer they are supposed to protect.

I really didn’t think things would happen this quickly. Even I am surprised by the pace of events. But its gathering momentum now, and the laws they are passing are, more and more, beginning to impact the lives of everyday working folk.

It’s actually a backhanded form of taxation because it creates jobs for hundreds of thousands of people in the compliance field, which you as the business owner have to pay for.

I happen to know two people who, seeing the writing on the wall, have decided to up sticks and move to the Far East.

Worth thinking about

That’s the way it looks from here

Dr Stephen Hudson BDS, MSc, PGD Med law, PGC Dental Law & Ethics

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