The itch that can never be scratched

By 25 September, 2018Members
  • You see the lives of people on Facebook, and you think that they are somehow better than you…
  • You see the fancy composite posted on Instagram, and you think that dentist is somehow better than you…
  • You see the house, the car, the watch, the holiday and you think that individual is somehow better than you…
  • You forget that much of what you see is an illusion, a veneer that often hides insecurities, failures, weaknesses and the ego of the ancients

The only person you should compare yourself is the person you know you can be.  Everything else is meaningless, white noise in a world where the lie that material wealth equals happiness grows like a cancer.  The dentist displaying his awesome composites isn’t showing you all the ones that didn’t look so hot, the ones that failed.  The person showing you the awesome holiday isn’t letting you into the craving in his/her soul as s/he lies awake at night with a crisis of identity.  Do they lease the car or rent it?  Do they love the job needed to pay for the box that moves them from one box to another box?

I am not against people becoming financially successful and buying stuff.  If you can make millions, you go for it.  What I notice though is that for those who focus primarily on the money, they soon seem to notice that there is a hole in their identity.  They thought it would bring great happiness and satisfaction, only for the wealth to almost be meaningless.  One day they find themselves looking off into space wondering “is this all that there is”?

I would spare you that, especially if you are at the start of your career.  It is still possible to make exceptional wealth from dentistry, but it’s a lot harder than it used to be.  Whereas in the 1970’s and 80’s the average dentist could just turn up to work to create vast sums with no marketing and very little understanding of how businesses run, now it’s a lot harder.  You have to get really good at dentistry, you have to get good at managing yourself, and you have to get good at the business of dentistry.  There aren’t that many of us out there who are going to be able to do that.

You work, work, work and then wake up one day in your fifties wondering where the hell all the time went.  And then you have a health crisis and you realise how much of it all you wasted.  Was it worth it?  Will you be lying on your deathbed bemoaning the fact that you didn’t do just one more crown prep?

Dentistry itself will not be how many of us will be able to make a fortune, and the material trap laid out will suck any spare cash out of our bank accounts if we let it.  That itch that you can never scratch is the thought that you never seem to get ahead, always scrabbling to pay the bills.  Even those who earn big seem to spend it all.  Because it is that spare cash, the stuff we could have saved and invested that is the way out of the rat race.

People get so busy that they end up working hard to make a living.  So hard that they don’t get time to sit down and design themselves a life.

Slow down and think about what you REALLY want.


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