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Many of you reading this have found your passion, you do it as your job every day.  But for many of you, your job is just that, a job.  It is something you might enjoy to a degree, and it can often bring you a substantial livelihood.

But it’s not a passion.  If you won the lottery you would probably stop doing it because the WHY of doing it is the income it brings you.  Remove the need for that income and the WHY goes away.

Some of us have other passions.  Some of us are fortunate, others are still searching.  Many of us will live out our lives never really knowing what our true passion is.

But how do you know what you’re passion in life is?  This is a question that is asked countless times by people searching the answer.  My take on it is


1) It’s something you are good at, or can become good at

2) It’s something you enjoy doing

3) It’s something that brings value to others

4) It’s something that makes you feel alive whilst you do it


For me, dentistry no longer meets all those criteria.  So for me now, dentistry is just a job.

My passion is writing.  Sitting there, bashing out words, not even really knowing where they came from…..there is something about it that just makes me feel alive.  When the words are flowing, you’ve got some good music on in the background, when you are in the zone and creating something that, when you read it back leaves a lump in your throat.  Man that’s powerful.

So I started writing books.  And it starts with an image, a thought, and manifests into something you can’t even imagine.  Some writers claim to have an end in mind, but I find when I write a novel can almost take on a life of its own

What do I write?  Well it’s not for everyone that’s for sure.  I’m more the Stephen King side of the spectrum than the Earnest Hemmingway.  I write horror, under a pseudonym.  Right there is one of the many mosquitoes that killed my passion in dentistry, the very real fear that writing this sort of stuff in my real name and falling foul of the GDC.  Sad but true, which is why my books all now come under the name


 So if you fancy having the pants scared off you, and if you have an inkling for a bit of post-apocalyptic zombie horror, why not give my novel a try.  The following links will take you to the kindle and the paperback