Pitchforks, torches and rope

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If you look through history, there are episodes in civilisation where the populace rose up and overthrew the oppressor.  Sometimes the system that replaced the dictator, the emperor and the political system was superior…… sometimes it wasn’t.  Sometimes it was individuals that made the change:

  • Martin Luther wrote his treaties and help start the Reformation
  • Ghandi walked to the sea and defied the entire British Empire
  • Rosa Parks refused to sit at the back of the bus and helped spike the civil rights movement

You would have had to be living under a rock to not have noticed that the GDC are now no longer fit for purpose:

  1.  Losing the Judicial Review to the BDA
  2.  Their complete evisceration by the Health Select Committee
  3.  The damning report on them by their own regulator the PSA
  4.  The complete loss of trust and respect by the profession

….. and now this.



Download it and read it.  Sit down, catch your breath and realise you have not fallen down the rabbit hole.  Perhaps have a cocktail.  The Professional Conduct Committee, one of the GDC’s three independent practice Committees basically ripped the GDC a new one.

Here are some snippets for your delight and delectation


  • It is clear from the documents before the Committee that there was a serious, consistent and ongoing failure on the part of the GDC to meet its obligations in relation to disclosure with regard to both used and unused material.
  • The Committee concluded that both these questions demonstrate clear evidence of coaching the witness in what he should say and, in the Committee’s judgement was an attempt to improve on the patient’s original written statement.
  • The Committee failed to understand how Mr Singh could be expected to disclose his case before the final charge he had to answer had been disclosed to him.
  • The Committee determined that the extraordinary conduct by the GDC, as described above, in relation to the charge that Mr Singh was to face would have made a fair hearing commencing on 11 May 2015 impossible.
  • In the Committee’s judgement, the GDC has shown a cavalier disregard for fairness and due legal process.
  • The Committee concluded that the GDC’s conduct in this case is so egregious that the Committee’s sense of justice and propriety is offended.
  • The GDC failed to follow its own Standard Directions for the progress of the case or to behave in a way that was fair and proportionate.
  • Therefore, the Committee accedes to your application for a stay of these proceedings on the grounds of abuse of process, as it offends the Committee’s sense of justice and propriety and it is necessary to protect the integrity of the regulation of the profession.
  • The committee had a few choice words to say about the GDC’s expert witness which is one of the more worrying aspects.  The expert witness is there to be impartial, s/he is not there to take sides, but to relay the facts as best as s/he can.


That, I am sure you will agree is highly damaging and damning to the GDC.

One wonders if this is an isolated incident.  I hope it is.  And because of its severity it is now time for measures to be taken.  Despite the title to this piece, I am not suggesting any kind of violence or illegality.  We are better than that, we are above such actions of the gutter.  No our actions must be pure and 100% legal.  But we must take action, for to sit meekly in our comfort zone will be our undoing.

One also questions whether the dentally regulated council members now need to consider their position.  The change that many seek is not happening, in fact the situation is getting worse, and by staying on the council these well meaning professionals are now possibly doing more harm than good.  Is it time for them to make a stand by resigning?  Only the 6 individuals involved can answer that it is not for me or for anyone else to tell them what to do.  They are the Captains of their own ships, the masters of their own fates.  If they feel they can be a positive good in a broken organisation then stay they must.


What I will tell you is this, something has to be done, and we can no longer leave it to the higher ups to slowly try and push this elephant out of the living room with platitudes and meaningless promises.  Patients are being harmed by this because dentists are recoiling in fear and horror.  The mental health of the whole profession is being adversely affected and we are getting to the point where dentists will die by their own hands because of the actions of the GDC.  The GMC have accepted this is a concern and are taking measures to combat it……… but what action are the GDC taking?

This cannot be allowed to go on.  So you can do three things:

Step 1)

You can write to William Moyes and Evelynne Gilvarry and ask who, if anyone is going to be disciplined over the above case.  Be nice, be respectful, and be firm.  If we get things wrong we get crucified so why should the same sanction not apply to the GDC employees?  Even if you have to write anonymously, you have to write, and what could be better than to copy that letter to

Sir Paul Beresford MP

Mole Valley Conservative Association, 86 South Street, Dorking, RH4 2EW

Tel: 01306 883312



Do it in this format

To: William Moyes

Cc: Sir Paul Beresford MP

Perhaps share a copy of the link with Sir Paul.


Step 2)

Write to the remaining MP’s who were on the Select Health Committee and share with them the findings of the PCC.  Feel free to cut and paste my snippets and the internet link.


Rosie Cooper MP – rosie@rosiecooper.net

Suite 108, Malthouse Business Centre, 48 Southport Road, Ormskirk, L39 1QR


Robert Jenrick MP

Tel: 01636 612 837

29a London Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1TN


Charlotte Leslie MP

184 Henleaze Road, Bristol, BS9 4NE

Tel: 0117 962 9427



Grahame Morris MP

The Glebe Centre Annex, Durham Place, Murton, Seaham, County Durham, SR7 9BX

Tel: 0191 526 2828



David Tredinnick MP

Bosworth Conservative Association, 10a Priory Walk, Hinckley, LE10 1HU

Tel: 01455 635741



That, if done by email will take you about 10 minutes.  If dozens of you do it, nothing will happen.  If the hundreds of you who might read this do it, the beast might raise a nostril and sniff at the GDC irritably.  But if thousands of you do it, bombarding the GDC and parliament with your concerns and your demand that YOU WILL NOT LET THIS STAND then someone might actually take notice.  And I’ll be honest and state that I don’t even know if these MP’s have any power in this regard anymore.  But can it hurt to try?


Step 3)

You can go onto my Facebook page www.facebook.com/GdpResources (why not like it whilst you are there) and send me a private message or state publically whether you would be willing to help crowd source fund a top QC to give a legal opinion on whether the present GDC’s fitness to practice breaches your human rights act.  I have already put out the feelers to some top barristers to get an idea of costs.  And if they say yes, there is a case to answer, would you be agreeable to help crowd source a legal case against the GDC.

You can do 1, 2, 3 or non of the above steps.  It’s your choice, it’s your career, it’s your reality, it’s your life.  If you do nothing then nothing will change.  If you stand and fight, you may stick your head above the parapet……. But if hundreds and thousands of you stand tall and shout ENOUGH, who the hell is going to be the target.


Your biggest fear is not that you are powerless, but that you are powerful beyond measure.  So make the decision, because the choices you make in this time of crisis will define your career from this moment forward.  Stand tall and stand proud for what you believe in, for what is right, for what is just………. or sit back down and let the punches keep coming.  Because next time it might be you that this kind of injustice almost happens to.

This is a choice I leave up to you, because nobody can tell you what to do in this regard, certainly not me.

That’s the way it looks from here