This page has been a long time coming. To be honest, this page was the original inspiration for this website, and yet it has taken over 3 years to come to fruition. Perhaps the body of the site had to grow as an entity before it could really come to light.

Since the 1st April 2007, a percentage of the profit from all products has been donated equally between the Dental health Support programme and the BDA Benevolent fund.

Not everyone will need this page, but many will. Many of those who need this page won't realise it, or will deny what their minds and bodies are telling them. This is for the individual to decide. But when we see that dentists are now top of the suicide league ( we can see that society and conventional psychotherapy appear to be failing. No correct that....... HAVE failed. You will find a list of people here. Each one is known to me either in person or in reputation. Each one is an expert in their field. We have NLP practitioners, Time line therapists, hypnotherapists, Business coaches and Gurus. Here you will find people whose sole goal in life is to help others to improve their lives. This is not conventional psychiatry or psychotherapy, as this is not something I personally have a lot of respect for. If you want a pill to solve your problems, this is not the page for you. If you want to spend (if you would pardon the pun) years in therapy talking about your problems, then again, this is not the page for you. I am not saying psychiatry or psychotherapy is bad, I am merely stating my belief system that there are better ways to deal with the negative issues in your life. I could well be wrong, I often am. But having personally witnessed what many of these individuals can achieve, they have my vote. However, for obvious legal reasons, my only endorsement of the individuals here is to say that I feel they are all of good character. None of them are going to help you for free, they have a right to earn a decent living just as much as you. Of course you seek their advice at your own risk, and I will keep the lawyers happy by saying that te following is for entertainment purposes only. And most of these people are not just here to help stressed out dentists. They can also help dental phobics and family members who are having problems facing life's challenges. Remember, trying to drown your problems in alcohol DOES NOT HELP. And neither do the other biochemical ways available, both legal (unless you have a proven physiological disorder) and illegal. I will leave it at that, and ask that you make your own mind up about what you want from life. As I discuss in depth in my book Choose Your Reality, you get to choose the life you want to lead. Your beliefs and your fears will determine what you achieve, what you strive for and your whole outlook on life. OK, here we go. The following are people who can help your business, your phobic/fearful patients as well as dental practitioners who need to enact change in their lives. Don't worry, these guys are not "life coaches", as I believe anyone who describes themselves as being a life coach needs a good talking to. They are however experts in what they do, and are willing to serve. But fiirst, here are the two long established dental support resources.

Dental Health Support Programme

Contact for any health related issues but particularly drugs and booze is via a helpline which is entirely confidential. The number is 020 7224 4671

BDA Benevolent Fund

64 Wimpole Street London W1G 8YS 020 7486 4994 (24 hour answerphone) E-mail The Benevolent Fund is a registered charity which cares for dentists and their dependants, when they find themselves in need. It may be an elderly dentist or widow, who finds that the value of their savings and pension has dwindled, or a younger dentist who cannot work because of illness, stress or depression. The only requirement the Fund makes is that at some time the dentist has been on the UK Dental Register. Financial help can be given in a variety of ways:
  • one-off grants to meet specific needs
  • regular grants to supplement inadequate incomes
  • interest-free loans if the difficulty is likely to be short-term
For further information contact Sally Atkinson at the Benevolent Fund. All enquiries are considered in confidence Again, their number is - 020 7486 4994

The British Doctors and Dentist group

The British Doctors’ and Dentists’ Group is a mutual help group for doctors and dentists who are recovering, or wish to recover, from addiction to or dependency on alcohol or other drugs. Membership is restricted to qualified medical and dental practitioners and normal medical ethics regarding confidentiality apply strictly within the group. There are over 1000 members in the UK. We have sixteen active groups spread throughout Britain, most have monthly meetings, and information and advice can be obtained by contacting the National Secretary, Paul, at
And of course, no resource would be complete without information on

The Samaritans

Contact Details Write to: Chris P.O. Box 90 90 Stirling FK8 2SA Phone:

UK dial 08457 90 90 90R I dial 1850 60 90 90

Ok, and now for the independents:

Tony Robbins - Self help expert

This short video will tell you all you need to know

Chris Barrow - Business development

My Personal Brand Statement Chris is a knowledgeable expert who offers practical business logic, relevant, effective, proven ideas and a serious depth of character. An original, independent thinker, he is a non-conformist who continually seeks out new horizons to explore, challenges to resolve, boundaries to push, rules to break and odds to beat. Direct and decisive, Chris reaches conclusions rapidly, with minimal information. When he doesn’t immediately get productive, efficient results, he perseveres, testing new ideas and learning from his findings. Chris’s ability to spontaneously innovate, strategize and analyze enables him to quickly resolve the most perplexing problems. Strong willed, assertive and determined, Chris delights in fixing, rekindling and bringing things (and people) back to life. An effective and efficient communicator, Chris keeps everyone on point by identifying clear goals and focusing on priorities. greater ease. Charismatic, energetic and dynamic, his counter-culture, “tough love” approach gives everything he presents a unique appeal. A polished and entertaining speaker, his strong presence gives him exceptional control of the room. Chris’s style is casual, open, authentic and adaptable. A natural leader and big picture thinker, he is easy to speak with, delightfully warm, funny and caring. His endless jokes and wicked Mancunian wit ensure that there’s never a dull moment. He walks his talk better than most, by sharing both his strengths and vulnerabilities. Chris is committed to helping people succeed in their lives and businesses, in less time than it took him, and with

Paul Tipton - Clinical Skills training

Having done most of Pauls courses over a number of years, I can say that I have a high regard for his teaching, his skill and his knowledge. His courses presently teaches theory and hands on clinical restorative skills, implants, aesthetics and courses for technicians

Ashley Latter - Ethical Sales training

In 2002, Ashley set up the Ashley Latter Selling Coach Business and today coaches forward thinking teams to develop new skills and behaviours which lead to improvement in performance and sales results. Ashley is not a lecturer and has a unique style where he manages to coach delegates to operate outside their comfort zone and take on tasks that before were deemed impossible. Sales people love working with Ashley, as he has a likeable, easy style. Today he conducts over 140 presentations and workshops a year all over the UK and Europe

CQC compliance training

Apolline is the 1st UK company dedicated solely to providing bespoke, hands-on support to dental practices in all matters relating to regulatory compliance. We are run by dentists for dentists and have considerable experience in clinical governance, quality assurance and training. Working with our team of Practice Advisors ,all of whom hold the FGDP(UK) Certificate in Appraisal of Dental Practices, our management team have extensive expertise in training,project management and practice development

Rob Dyas - Surgical Skills Training

RD Education deliver continuing professional development courses across the UK and online. Specialising in courses for dentists, hygienists, nurses, technicians and practice managers. Our education team has a proven track record of producing dental courses of the highest quality and have trained over one thousand dental care professionals over the last ten years

Sheila Scott - Business Consultant

In a nutshell With a Masters in Psychology, a Diploma in Marketing and Certificates in Counselling and Training, I possess an abundance of knowledge and experience for getting the most from people. I combine an exuberant personality with over twenty years' consultancy know-how across a variety of industry sectors, and an in-depth knowledge of what creates business success, to deliver a unique service to you that leaves no stone unturned and no opportunity unexploited.

Kevin Burch - Phobias/Anxiety/Confidence

For more than 20 years Kevin Burch has studied the psychology and behaviours of success, healing and happiness. Today he specializes in using cutting-edge psychological strategies to bring you the results you require quickly, easily and painlessly. Utilising the latest psychological techniques that are ordinarily reserved for leaders in the realms of business, politics, sport, entertainment and investments, Kevin's work includes installing supreme self-confidence and erasing life-long phobias, fears and unwanted behaviours, often in less than one hour. He has advised and coached clients of all ages and backgrounds, from Directors of publicly-traded companies to children, from professional international sports people to victims of trauma. Kevin's abilities stem from years of training with some of the world's foremost authorities on rapid personal change, including Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler and Anthony Robbins. Kevin is one of a small number of elite coaches chosen to assist Paul McKenna on his seminars and training programme's. He is also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), personally Licensed by Richard Bandler, creator of the field, and a Member of the Society of NLP. Having completed his under-graduate degree in Biomedical Sciences, plus post-graduate degrees both in Education and in Science, Kevin has gone on to become a successful public speaker, property investor and training consultant. Added to this, he brings a unique perspective born of a vast array of life experience, from overland travels to the Arctic circle and the heart of the African rainforest, through performing as lead actor in non-professional theatre, to contributions for BBC radio on issues of health and well being. His work has also been featured in local and national newspapers and magazines. Making a difference to the lives of others is central to Kevin's life. He has financed the bringing of clean running water to thousands of children and adults in southern Africa, and he is also a Founder and Trustee of The Bath Steiner School Project, a UK charity which provides and promotes the holistic, whole-person education of children in his local community. Testimonial
"Before seeing Kevin, I had little confidence generally and quite low self esteem. Many people said they thought I was confident, but it was all a facade. Inside, I was like the proverbial swan - swimming serenely on the surface, no worries - but with feet paddling madly in circles under the water and panicking! I had even been prescribed Prozac, which helped a little but was never going to be a lasting solution. I wanted to be able to not worry what people thought of me or feel judged, either for my actions, what clothes I wore or in fact any life choices I made. To be able to stand up and make a statement or deal with a situation and not feel worried for days afterwards. Now, through seeing Kevin I feel I have grown and truly become the person I wanted to be, totally happy with myself, having the confidence to speak out and no longer made to 'feel' anything I don't want to. The exercises and processes he has walked me through have given me the abilities to deal with even the most challenging of situations. All this has naturally made a great difference to my life and work, in all sorts of wonderful ways." Terina Worrall, Dental Practice Manager

Simon Hocken - Business development

BDS. UBHAM, ACC Do you run your business or does your business run you? A typical small business owner spends too much time working IN their business and little time working ON their business. The joys of working for yourself are well-documented. But with them often come the weighty problems of never being able to say no or switch off. Health and personal relationships frequently come under enormous strain. Then something happens. Maybe a marriage breakdown, financial problems or illness. Or a sign that the business must expand or move to the next level. A clear signal that change must come. Coaching helps you make the change. It’s possible you’ve thought one way about running a business or working in your profession for ten, 20, maybe 30 years. Coaching will show you it’s not the only way. You can choose to be different. You will recognise the choice is yours to make. It’s an established principal that 20{5967c1c62f4ef8b7b412a831d8b156a63c78c639bcf63a7eb2a79bf93ffc16c4} of what you do creates 80& of the results (‘The 80/20 Principal by Richard Koch). Coaching can pinpoint this 20{5967c1c62f4ef8b7b412a831d8b156a63c78c639bcf63a7eb2a79bf93ffc16c4} It can help you release some of your valuable energy and time from the business. It can put boundaries and control back in your life, helping you rediscover your family and yourself. Coaching can also help you:
  • Work less hours for more money
  • Establish a compelling vision for your business and your personal life
  • Avoid being overwhelmed by your to-do list
  • Get in control and stay on top of business and personal finances
  • Survive and enjoy business as a sole trader
  • Attract more of the type of client you want
  • Get your team to do what you want them to
Coaching is not therapy. At its most basic level we do it every day by giving support, listening space and tough love to friends and family. But my training has refined and focused these skills into a powerful programme which has changed the lives of many people. Breaking patterns and habits is tough. Doing it on your own is very tough. Using one to one sessions both personally and within the business, emails, the coaching gym, phone calls and a structured plan of action, I have helped many owners move their business to the next level and untangle their personal lives from it. I normally coach a client three times a month and it takes around 12 weeks to start to achieve results. Most clients stay with me for around a year or more. I offer an initial session of coaching that, if you decide not to proceed, will be free of charge. If you feel you want to continue then it will count as your first paid-for session.

Robin Ellis - Thought Field Therapy

I am one of the first and most experienced Thought Field Therapy Trainers and Practitioners in the UK. In 1998 I was trained in Thought Field Therapy Algorithm Levels 1 & 2, (now the Initial Algorithm Practitioner Level), with Ian Graham, the UK’s first TFT Practitioner and Trainer. In 1999 I studied and practised the TFT Diagnostic Course, followed by Advanced Diagnostic Training with Dr. Roger Callahan in California in 2000. In 2000 I further trained with Dr. Roger Callahan to become an Authorised Trainer of Thought Field Therapy – The Callahan Techniques. I now have over eight years experience of Clinical Practice and six in the Training of TFT at the Algorithm Level, basic Diagnostic Level and in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Toxins. I am fully cognisant of the ability of TFT to re-balance the Autonomic Nervous System as shown by the results of Heart Rate Variability Testing which also indicates the negative effect of toxins to the body’s energy system. I am a Founder Member of the Association for Thought Field Therapy (ATFT) and a Founder Member of The British Thought Field Therapy Association (BTFTA) which is a Corporate Member of the BCMA. Through my connection with these two Associations of TFT, I am in continuing contact with TFT Trainers and Practitioners worldwide and am cognisant with the on-going research of both the further development and application of TFT and the effects of Individual Energy Sensitivities that affect the whole of the body’s energy system, (which can cause a block to a successful treatment). Through Kinesiology Testing I diagnose the presence of Individual Energy Sensitivities (IES) and am fully experienced in applying the TFT Treatment to negate the effect of all toxins. I am also a member of the Global Institute of Thought Field Therapy, a non-profit making Organisation, dedicated to the relief of suffering worldwide, particularly of those traumatised by disaster, war, and atrocity. Rumwood Therapy Centre Cardinal’s Green Horseheath CAMBRIDGE CB21 4QX Tel/Fax: 01223 892596