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You will notice I haven’t been blogging much the past month or so.  This is due to a recurrence of an illness that is basically forcing me out of dentistry.

I think it was time anyway.  I’m spending most of my time writing, and I really don’t see the point in forging ahead and battling my own body in a career where there are so many potholes, mine shafts and unexploded ordinance lying in my path.  I know that doesn’t sound very optimistic, but it is a reflection of how many of us feel.  When you talk to dentists these days, there is a general malaise, even amongst those at the top of their field.

This is reflected throughout society.  Ironically, we have never had it better in many aspects of our day to day lives.  Life for so many of us is easy, and yet mental health problems are skyrocketing.

In my opinion, health is more important than anything else.  It doesn’t matter how much you earn, how good your composites are, how great a parent you are.  If your health is in the toilet, all that will be compromised.

I mean obviously there will be incidences where you will sacrifice your health for a child or a loved one, but on the whole, your health should come first.  It certainly comes before the 00000 in your bank account, before Mr’s Snoggin’s ill-fitting lower partial and the fancy new car you so desperately think you need.

I hate to say it, and there is no way to avoid the fact that at some point, you will be faced with a health crisis.  For some of you, this will stop you being able to work, and the state will not be there to help you.  Yes, you might be able to get free treatment on the NHS, but only after long waits and battling through the smog of deliberate bureaucracy.

Are you ready for that?  If you own a practice, can it run effectively without you?  Do you have enough in your bank account to cover your bills whilst you recover?  Do you have the network of true friends and loved ones who can help you through whatever you are facing?

If you want peace, prepare for war.

If you want health, prepare for illness.

Make your plans now before the fan is even plugged in.  What comes first?  The new flash watch, or the security of having money in the bank.  Can you safely take 6 months off or are you 3 months from homelessness if the money isn’t rolling in?

Are you looking after yourself, or are you relying on alcohol (and worse) to get you through your days?  Are you overweight and accepting it?  Are you living off fast food and letting your blood chemistry get nuked?

You need to look after yourself because nobody else is going to.  And you most likely have people who depend on you.  What happens to them if you get hit for six?

I know my blogs aren’t always a cheery affair, and there is a reason for that.  Life is hard.  It will beat you to your knees and keep you there if you let it.  To quote the great philosopher Rocky Balboa, nothing hits as hard as life.  You just have to learn to be ready so that you can take the hits and get back up.

That way the good times will be even sweeter when they arrive.


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