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Hello again

What follows is a theory, nothing more. Like most theories it will be flawed, biased and possibly completely wrong. That being said……….

Some of you may have noticed that the government have gone a tad bonkers recently with regards to regulation of the Dental profession. What with the CQC, HTM01-05 and the proposed GDC appraisal and revalidation stuff, there are whole forests being cut down just to supply the paper. Unfortunately it’s not just dentistry that this has been happening in. It’s been happening pretty much throughout all aspects of society. People, it seems, feel lucky if they have chance to draw breath.

Which is exactly how the powers that be (TPTB) want it in some peoples opinions. You see, any government that exists today has one primary purpose.

To control the masses and increase its power base.

And it cannot do this if the middle classes are unafraid and questioning TPTB’s every action. So to avoid this, TPTB put everyone on the back foot by passing wave after wave of regulation, legislation and endless box ticking laws. Oh sure, this creates dissent, but said dissent is fractured, coming from thousands of different perspectives. It is thus ineffective. And because it’s ineffective, many of those who are trapped in this tick box merry go round find themselves overwhelmed with hopelessness and indifference. They stop fighting back. At the same time, whole companies emerge to expand on and entrench the bureaucratic culture, creating a whole new way of speaking and thinking.

TPTB want a prosperous middle class, but only so that they can be financially milked for every last drop. And they don’t want them so prosperous that they no longer have to work. We need those cogs in the system turning smoothly, and that doesn’t happen if Mr Jones has enough money in the bank that he no longer has to get into work every Monday morning.

Don’t forget it’s the middle class who run things. The elite make the policy and control the true wealth, but they need the middle class to tell everyone else what to do. So the middle class work, sucked into a debt trap of buying mindless trinkets that keeps them 3 pay cheques away from homelessness. TPTB of course also need the middle class to behave themselves. We can’t go having anymore of those pesky fuel protests or Poll Tax riots now can we? So they play a very cunning balancing game of squeezing the middle class (and the so called lower classes) just hard enough. Squeeze too hard and the Molotov’s start flying. Don’t squeeze hard enough and the Middle classes start getting ideas above their station. Can’t have that now can we.

You see, what you probably don’t know is that the elite FEAR the middle class. They always have. If they could do without them they would. Why? Because the majority of revolutions have been down to the middle classes of the time. And revolutions usually occur in times of great “novelty” (to quote Terrence McKenna). We are now in a time of immense novelty. Anyone who thinks the economy is recovering, needs just walk down the local high street to see all the “Business to let” signs. Think employment will recover anytime soon, with government making 25% cuts across the board?

So they put a leash on the middle classes by passing so many regulations their heads don’t stop spinning. They can’t stop working because they have bills to pay. They can’t not tick the boxes because there is no common sense anymore, no sanity and a failure to comply with the latest diktat can produce harsh financial penalties, even prison. This makes the populous reactive instead of proactive, and thus they dwell in a climate of constant, bubbling fear. But if you buy this new Kitchen, with no payments until next October, you may be able to briefly suppress the cognitive dissonance forming in your brain under an illusion of democracy and prosperity.

I’m not specifically talking about this country by the way. It’s pretty much EVERY country. And most of the people in power don’t even realise that this is how the system works. Many of them go into politics with the most sincere intentions, only to be warped by the evil of the bankrupt system.

And have you noticed how the regulations increase in number and scope as the years have progressed. I put this down to the rise of the internet, which over the last 10 years has changed everything. You can access multiple streams of information about any topic you want. You can gamble in numerous ways from the comfort of your own armchair, sprout your opinions to the world via blogs and now anyone can run their own business from a cheap website that takes less than a day to set up. That is the game changer. The ability for ANYONE to replace their job with income from the internet probably scares TPTB rigid, so they try and distract and overwhelm us by shovelling another steaming pile onto the manure we are already carrying around on our shoulders. But still those pesky Serfs still manage to keep on escaping the pull of the systems financial noose.

“What, you mean the lower classes have found a revenue stream that makes them money……. whilst they are asleep. Something has to be done about this!”

So what the heck am I waffling about today? Well i am certainly NOT giving you financial advice. Anything and EVERYTHING in this newsletter is for entertainment purposes only. Anyone who takes advice from me seriously needs to seek the advice of a good psychiatrist.

If you remember from the last newsletter, it is my contention that you should not partake in the “material goods” nonsense that has infected our society. Many will argue with me, and they are right to because who the hell am I after all? It’s just that buying crap you don’t need in the vain attempt to somehow gain happiness is a pointless exercise in my opinion….especially when that something will probably be broke and on the local tip within 3 years. At the very least, if you buy something it should be with money you have, not credit cards and loans. So if you want a new Kitchen, save up for it. Better still, keep the old kitchen and put the money in your Freedom fund (this is the money you save or invest that will one day allow you to work because you WANT to not because you HAVE to).

But where money is concerned, there are two key factors to building up the freedom fund. Spending less, and earning MORE (yes, you will have to pay more tax, but that is only really an issue when you haven’t saved enough to cover it). By earning more, you speed up the accumulation of your freedom fund. So go on eBay and sell your unwanted bits and bobs. Set up a blog with affiliate links that pay you when someone clicks through them to purchase. Hell, sell your own product online. It’s not hard. If I can do it, ANYONE can. But this way, you earn income whilst you are asleep, instead of being limited to the hours you spend in your surgery, thus uncapping your potential.

Spend less, earn more. Get out of debt and realise that happiness is rarely found in a shopping centre or a car showroom.

Happiness comes from inside, from knowing who you are. When you know where you are going, you don’t feel that strange temptation to buy stuff to distract your from the fear that you might be lost.

Nuff said.

See you soon for more mindless twaddle :)