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This will be the last newsletter in this format that you will receive. Next Friday my new website goes LIVE, and the newsletters will be delivered via a different system. You will each receive an opportunity to become members to the new site, which will allow you continued FREE access to this newsletter, plus the new newsletter archive that will be available.

It’s been a long time coming, let me tell you. I had planned this revamp three years ago, but life got in the way. But when life kicks you, you just have to get up off the floor, dust yourself off and fight back. Because if you stay down on your knees…. well, you just make a much easier target.

“Never, never, never, never, never give up” – Winston Churchill

This is why I preach what i preach about saving and investing rather than spending every last penny you have and more besides. If you have a financial buffer set aside, it makes it easier to deal with the shite that life can throw at you. Worrying about money is the last thing you want to be dealing with in times like that.

But, I’m getting side tracked. With the new website comes a brand new product with another 3 in the pipeline. The new product is a 6 month personal development course that comes with 6 hours of verifiable CPD. I will be adding vCPD to most of the new products as well, to help you guys deal with the ever growing burden being put upon your shoulders. Of course what I discovered was just how bizarre the CPD requirements of the GDC are. They don’t actually check the course content or the course organisers. They are not prescriptive as they say. Now where have I heard that before…….

Ah yes, the CQC

Have you noticed that they haven’t actually told you exactly what evidence they want to see for proof of compliance? Have you noticed you are having to employ the services of third parties to help gather this evidence. How the hell can you have a contract (which is effectively what registration is) between 2 parties, if the party that has the power to impose sanction doesn’t tell the other party EXACTLY how they are to comply? Now I’m no expert, and that sounds like breach of contract to me.

I believe this has been done deliberately. It’s the same reason you can’t go a week without breaking one of many laws out there, laws that you may not have even known existed. It is done deliberately to control you, to keep you watching the great box ticking exercise whilst the real agenda is unfolding behind the curtain. And this isn’t the CQC’s fault, they are victims here as well. They have had the Health and Social Care Act dumped on the from a great height, and I actually think they are doing the best they can with the resources they have. So you can get angry at them if you want, but all you will be doing is shooting the messenger.

But why do I say it is about control? Well, you see governments don’t want a financially independent middle class with time on their hands to engage in critical thought. They want you busy busy busy jumping over hurdles and leaping through ever smaller hoops of fire, sucking up the opinions and the advertising hypnosis from your TV. They want you worried and cowed, living in fear so that you don’t cause them too many problems. They want you in debt, so that you will bow down to your corporate and banking masters.

“Crikey Steve, what on Earth have you been smoking?”

This isn’t some great conspiracy. It isn’t men in suits in a smoke filled room plotting the overthrow of the free world. It is just a natural progression of democracy, where the gravy train requires more and more of the public’s money to finance itself. Unfortunately there comes a point where there is no more money, and we are close to that now. The so called Austerity cuts are a mirage, an illusion. If they were really serious about cutting the budget, they could cut £100 billion a year, without removing one single part of the socialist benefit system……. but of course it would mean decimating the tracks of the elite’s gravy train. And that isn’t going to happen, so they do the next best thing. They take more money from YOU. And YOU let them.

Now some people will look at their rising taxes, burdensome red tape and obnoxious officialdom and will get angry. Some will be overwhelmed by fear and despair. This is the reaction the Powers That Were want from you. They want you ranting and quivering in your boots. They want you to write them nasty letters and to fear the post man. Those who are afraid will not listen to those that are angry. And those whose faces are red with fury will do little when push actually comes to shove, as we have seen time and again. The protestors always go home. Only when people get absolutely desperate, only when they are close to losing everything, only then do they lose it. And whilst we will see protests and riots over the coming years in this country, the Powers that Were will do everything they can to keep the middle class just above the threshold of losing it, because they know that every revolution in history has been instigated by the middle class. The Powers that Were have learned much from history. I wish them luck with their balancing act.

No, some say what the Powers that Were fear are those who look at them with a cold critical eye. Who smile knowingly when they release their latest fear propaganda, who shake their heads in amusement at the latest regulatory noose. It is said that they fear people who read books, and who don’t get trapped in dogma and mindless opinions of topics they know little about. Perhaps they fear those who can calmly see through the spin, through the lies to uncover the real agenda. Maybe what they truly fear is that the middle class will start to reject the system itself, will reject the whole concept of a constitutional monarchy. We give them their legitimacy, we give them the right to rule. But they can only do that if the social contract exists. Without the middle class, the system will not work, will not function. The wheels will not be oiled, and the gears will not be greased without the middle class. And that is what they fear the most, that their precious system will grind to a halt. And I for one would not want to see the system fail. Despite the inequality, despite the corruption and despite the festering cancer at its heart, the benefit privileges of the society still vastly exceed the realistic alternatives. I am happy to admit that I am invested in the system, even though there are parts of it I despise.

So the Powers that Were will play their games of control and manipulations. I say let them have their games, you don’t have to take part. Switch off your TV. Shut down your computer. Throw away that newspaper. They will play groups off against each other, and parade their nobility across the media, but you won’t be watching. Remember, living in fear and anger does nothing for your health. You can’t make effective decisions in this mindset

So let me ask you this question. When was the last time you just sat, eyes closed, and did nothing for an hour? No talking, no distractions, no TV, now video games. Just sat, and listened to the gentle wind, to the tree branch caressing the window. I challenge you to find time to do this over the weekend. Just sit and ask yourself questions and wait for the answers to come. In other words, relax.

Victor Frankle, the Jewish psychiatrist who survived the German death camps proved that it is an individuals choice how they react to events. Living in fear and anger are a choice you make. It is not the CQC, the GDC or the lawyers that make you afraid. The one doing the fear is YOU. Why would you do that to yourself?

So just sit, breathe deeply and slowly. There is time for fear and anger, but it isn’t now. Now is the time to be still, and to realise that in the great scheme of things, none of it actually matters. It doesn’t matter at all.

Yours in commerce

Stephen: Hudson the authorised representative for the legal fiction Dr Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, DRDP

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