What type of dentist are you?

By 2 September, 2019Uncategorized

From what I can see there are  types of dentist personality

  1. The charmer – they are smooth, slick, can run rings around people verbally. When it comes to sales patter they can sell freezers to Inuit’s.
  2. The plodder – they go to work, do dentistry, go home, they go to work, do dentistry, go home, they go to work, do dentistry, go home…repeat. They do the bare minimum in CPD etc to keep the regulator happy.
  3. The genius – they are good at everything, always have done. Their dentistry is so good, it makes you want to quit and become a plumber because you can never hope to be anywhere close to their level
  4. The letch – they are still out there, unfortunately, but they seem to be a dying breed.
  5. The Instagram – they are flash, not shy about displaying wealth (even if its rented) and social media savvy.  They think they are giving what their patients want, but they have tapped into a relatively limited niche that does not survive well in economic downturns
  6. The spender – they just have to spend money, be it on fancy cars or equipment. Their inability to save money means they have to work to service all the debts they accumulate.
  7. The innovator – they are the first to utilise the new technology and may even create there own techniques for procedures
  8. The boaster – they seem to be involved in a constant game of “look at me and look at how good I am”, especially on social media.
  9. The bus thrower – they will take any opportunity to be critical of another dentists work. They are part of the reason nearly 10% of all GDC referrals are now by other registrants
  10. The despondent – they have low morale, little or no enjoyment in the job which is grinding them up day in and day out
  11. The Newbee – 2 years out of dental school and they are mad on composite, STO and want to be doing implants sharpish. This all despite the fact they haven’t learnt or mastered the basics of dentistry.  They are overconfident in their abilities and are trying to before they can even crawl
  12. The politician – they get involved in dental politics
  13. The hero – they “believe” in the NHS and battle on through their own moral reasons even as the NHS becomes more and more onerous
  14. The fraudster – they will do whatever they can to maximise the money coming in. They will push the boundaries of what can be claimed on the NHS, pay labs late, shaft other dentists etc.  Their lives are run by the pursuit of the all-mighty pound.  Sometimes they even do work that is unnecessary.
  15. The champion – they do what is in the best interests of the patient through good rapport and good clinical skills which they develop over time. They develop practices that are patient-centred.  Whilst not necessarily being the cheapest, the patients generally have a high level of trust with these dentists.
  16. The resigned – they want out of dentistry as soon as possible

A dentist can be one or all of these in any working day.  Some are obviously not compatible with others, and several of these traits holds the profession in an unfavourable glow.  What type of dentist were you today, and would you be held in a favourable light by your “non bus throwing” peers?